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Blackweda commented Feb 16, 2017 edited


I am trying to solve the issue: mozilla/
It asked for nunjucks 2.4.3 to be added to both Brackets and Thimble.
It was already present in Thimble, but I didn't see it in Brackets.

I added it into the dependencies list, yet I'm unsure if that was a wise thing to do. Please consider using the
code and let me know if it works or not, and where to make changes elsewhere.

zaggino commented Feb 16, 2017

Hi, you're probably referencing a wrong issue in the description. Also, adding something to the dependency list doesn't do anything until you use it somewhere in the code.


Hi @Blackweda,
I think you have to open your PRs at and at the mozilla fork of Brackets
We don't use nunjucks.

@ficristo ficristo closed this Feb 17, 2017

@ficristo thanks, makes sense! will do.

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