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ui font update for vertical alignment #787

merged 1 commit into from almost 2 years ago

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Randy Edmunds Garth Braithwaite Peter Thiess
Randy Edmunds

This is the latest ui font from Paul Hunt to make vertical alignment consistent across Mac and Windows.

This seems to fix Issues #770 and #772.

Garth Braithwaite
GarthDB commented May 02, 2012
Peter Thiess
pthiess commented May 02, 2012

Merge this in such that everyone can test it - I will take a sanity pass on 10.7.

Peter Thiess pthiess merged commit be2bcf5 into from May 02, 2012
Peter Thiess pthiess closed this May 02, 2012
Peter Thiess pthiess referenced this pull request from a commit April 15, 2013
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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May 01, 2012
Randy Edmunds ui font update for vertical alignment c1c813e
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BIN  src/styles/fonts/SourceSans/SourceSans-Light.ttf
Binary file not shown
BIN  src/styles/fonts/SourceSans/SourceSans-Regular.ttf
Binary file not shown
BIN  src/styles/fonts/SourceSans/SourceSans-Semibold.ttf
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