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  updating 'Last translated' SHA to reflect last pull request
  Use XML highlighting for .xaml files
  Wordsmithing (@njx)
  Update Getting Started (How to change the project, why?)
  Update CM to the latest
  Easier notation
  Revert change to non-translation file
  Change Copyright year in strings.js
  Updated by ALF automation.
  Update Sha
  German translation (Sprint 41)
  modalbar already showing, adjust for old height
  Fixes after Review
  Tweak the Command constant for the new command which doesn't appear on the file menu.
  alf updates for release branch
  Changes after review.
  Small fixes
  Spanish translations for Release 0.41
  Updated by ALF automation.
  isolated fix for changing height of modal bar with filter picker
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Peter Flynn peterflynn authored


Unit testing for brackets uses Jasmine

Getting started

Running Tests

2 options for running tests:

  1. Run brackets-app and click "Run Tests" from the menu (debugging and dev tools not supported)
  2. Run or manually run Brackets-app with the argument file://path/to/brackets/test/SpecRunner.html.

Adding New Tests

  1. Create a new .js file under spec/
  2. Write the test (see spec/Editor-test.js or Jasmine documentation)
  3. Edit SpecRunner.html and add the spec .js file in a new script tag

Known Issues


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