Areas of Expertise

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Area of expertise Individuals Notes
API Documentation Randy, Chema
App Startup Peter
Build Ingo
CEF Integration Jeff, Ingo
Code Hints Raymond, Kevin, Randy (URL Hints)
CodeMirror Integration NJ, Raymond
CSSUtils Raymond, Randy
Designer workflow Larz, NJ, Peter
Documents Peter, NJ, Jeff
EditorManager Peter, Jeff
Extension Architecture Kevin
Extension Manager & registry NJ, Kevin
FileSystem Peter (JS side), Jeff (native side), Bryan (Windows file-watchers)
Find / Replace / Find in Files NJ, Peter
HTMLUtils Raymond
Inline CSS timing editor Randy
Inline color picker Raymond
Installer / Builds Ingo, Peter (Win)
Live Development Raymond, Kevin, NJ, Randy
Localization Raymond, Randy, Ingo
Menus, Keyboard Shortcuts, Commands Raymond, Ingo
Multiple cursors/selection NJ
Native Shell Jeff, Randy, Raymond, Ingo
NodeJS integration (Ian, Jason)
Performance Ingo (automated tests), Peter (camera tests)
Preferences Kevin, Bryan (Storage), Randy (UI)
Project Tree Randy, Jeff, Kevin, Ingo
Quick Edit (Inline Editors & TextRange) NJ
Quick Open Peter (UI, extensibility), Kevin (StringMatch)
Text Editing Commands (EditorCommandHandlers) NJ, Peter
UI layout/panels Peter, Jeff
Unit Tests Ingo, NJ
User experience — interaction design NJ, Larz, Peter
User experience — visual design Larz, NJ