Brackets 5 15 2012 Hackathon Notes

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(submitted by Pam Fox)

Answered Questions on Brackets

(Might help you in figuring out what other people would ask)

  • What would be the difference between embedding Brackets and embedding CodeMirror?

    • CodeMirror: just editing,
    • Brackets: file management, server APIs (github), extensions+inline
  • How does the editor work?

    • CodeMirror, pushing changes back into CodeMirror.
  • Are there apps for iPad/Android?

    • Not now, will wrap in PhoneGap in the future
  • Is it at all possible to run it on web right now, or has noone written that?

    • They tried it once a while ago. Tricky because dependent on Chromium version, might not work with other browsers or look good. Also file API.
  • Is there a video that shows the cool demo’d features (inline CSS/HTML/JS)?

    • Not yet.
  • Are there any plans to use right-click/context menu?

    • Eventually.
  • How would it work with Less/Sass? Spriting?

  • What about server-side code? Templates?

  • Could write extensions. (

Feedback/Ideas on Brackets

  • Maybe can use the JS evaluators from for other languages/extensions.
  • For people on ChromeBook or iPad or Android tablet, they have no ability to use a desktop editor - that’s where a cloud version can be very valuable.
  • It could be interesting to provide a virtual keyboard for people on shitty keyboards (iPad, iPhone, non-English keyboards)
  • For embedding, can you separate the brackets with extensions from the file API stuff? (for single-file editing).
  • Use jshint, the next version lets you do style stuff.

Running Feedback/Questions while using Brackets:

  • Q: What library is $ from?
    • jQuery
  • Q: Where do you put a new HTML file when you’re testing brackets changes?
    • Make a new window, new folder, reload
  • Q: How to save as?
    • Not yet
  • Q: Can you drag+drop files around? (how to put file in other folder?)
    • Not yet
  • Bug: When you add a folder from Finder, the UI doesn’t show it, have to reload
  • Feature: Change title of multiple windows to show folder name or some way of differentiating.
  • Bug: When you put a breakpoint while debugging and close Developer Tools before removing the breakpoint, Bracket dies.
  • Q: How do you change indenting/spacing?
    • Edit CodeMirror, no UI for it yet.
    • (But if you do it, change white:true for your own code)
this._codeMirror = new CodeMirror(container, {
    electricChars: false,   // we use our own impl of this to avoid CodeMirror bugs; see _checkElectricChars()
    indentUnit: 2,
    indentWithTabs: false,
    lineNumbers: true,
    matchBrackets: true,
    extraKeys: codeMirrorKeyMap

Feedback while making extensions:

  • Feature: It’d be good to have a general library for extensions for common tasks, like:
    • get current word
    • get current selection (currently have EditorManager.getFocusedEditor().getSelectedText() and a pull request for EditorManager.getFocusedEditor().replaceSelection(text); by mesh)
    • iframe/image/HTML viewers (with styling options)
  • Q: How to debug extension?
    • Use console.log
    • Use breakpoints
    • Use magnifying glass
  • Bug: right-click and inspect element in Brackets inline editor doesn’t work.
  • Docs: Need better documentation on how to trigger extensions (UI hooks), via keyboard commands, Inline command, menu, quick open etc.
  • Q: For extension like InlineImageViewer, how do you detect live changes to the image src to reload the image viewer?
  • Feature: The inline editor could benefit from a close button
  • Feature: Extensions could be placed on a toolbar (see my MDN extension), so users don’t have to remember tons of keyboard commands
  • Feature: Extensions could define UI hooks in config.js that would be user-editable, so they could turn different UI hooks on/off, similar to what SublimeText does.

Extension ideas:

  • HTML escaper
  • Look up on MDN/caniuse/etc
  • CSSLint
  • Font Previewer