Brackets Committer Policy

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#Brackets Committer Policy#

Brackets committers have read-write access to the Brackets repository through GitHub enabling them to commit code to core. Brackets Committers are tasked with taking a leading role in the project by making code contributions, assisting others with their contributions in the form of reviewing and merging pull requests, and providing feedback and suggestions on the direction of the project.

Brackets is developed using Agile development methodologies and features are tracked as user stories on the public Brackets backlog. Communication between Brackets committers happens on the committer mailing list and in public via the Brackets-Dev Google Group.

You can find a full list of Brackets committers at In addition, the Contributing document will serve as a helpful guide for anyone who wants to get involved in the project.

##Becoming a Committer##

A Brackets committer will be nominated by a current committer using the committer mailing list. The criteria below will be used as the basis for deciding on a nomination. That nomination must be seconded by three (3) additional committers before the nomination is accepted. If there is any objection, the committers will discuss and try to come to a consensus. If no consensus can be reached, the nomination will pass by a majority vote of the committers.

Once the process is complete, the nominating committer will inform the nominee of the result and if accepted, will ask for confirmation from the nominee that they accept the committer nomination. Once they have accepted, the committer page will be updated and the nominee will be added to the committer mailing list.

##Criteria for Committers##

Committers to Brackets will have shown enthusiasm for the project and built up core knowledge about the code, the governance, and the spirit of Brackets.

They will have provided good feedback to other contributors, filed and reviewed pull requests to fix medium or high priority bugs, and submitted other medium or high complexity contributions as pull requests prior to nomination.

They will have shown a pattern of communicating questions, issues, and suggestions to other Brackets committers in the public Google Group as well as via their pull requests. They should have a good understanding of the architecture of Brackets and be willing to work within that structure.

Details on how to submit pull requests including coding conventions for the project and process can be found on the How to Hack on Brackets page.

##Roles of a Committer##

Becoming a Brackets Committer means that you will be taking a leadership role in the project. You will be helping drive the direction of Brackets, contributing code, and working with the community to incorporate their contributions. Brackets committers are expected to:

  • provide feedback and opinions about the direction of the project.
  • foster contributions from the community by reviewing pull requests, providing constructive feedback, and encouraging new contributions.
  • work within their limits and redirect issues they can’t address to other team members.
  • be willing to provide constructive feedback on the project.
  • represent Brackets in the community and within other open source projects.
  • support the decisions of other Brackets committers while clearly communicating any disagreement.
  • look for ways to improve Brackets in any way; code, process, and/or planning.

##Suspension of a Committer##

Committer status to Brackets can be revoked by a 2/3 vote by the committers, not including the committer under review.

Temporary suspension for any reason can occur at the request of any two (2) committers. Anyone requesting a temporary suspension should do so via the committer mailing list by describing the reason(s) for temporary suspension. Within one week the committers will vote on suspension with a suspension being revoked if 2/3 of the committers vote for it.