Brackets JSDocs Guidelines

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Brackets uses Google Closure Compiler Annotation format for API Documentation.

The API Docs for the current master branch can be found at


Header Comments

Header comments can not have an empty line between end of comment and module definition:

 * Header comment
define(function (require, exports, module) {

Explicitly add an empty line for comments that should not appear in API Doc:

/*jslint vars: true, plusplus: true, devel: true, nomen: true, indent: 4 */
/*global define, $, brackets, window */

define(function (require, exports, module) {

Note: previous example is a bug in apify dox parser — only comments starting with "/**" should be recognized.

Description should be first, followed by any @tag annotations. Descriptions following a @tag are associated with that @tag.

Markdown Formatting

Markdown formatting is supported, so it will be reflected in the API Docs.


Only code with JSDoc annotations will show up in the API Docs, with the following exceptions:

  • Dependencies

Generating Documents

The apify nodejs app is used to generate the Brackets API Docs.

If you have the apify app installed, then you can use the Brackets Apify extension to generate API Documentation on-the-fly for your local branch.

The Grunt Apify app is for automating the generation of API Docs.

See the Generating Brackets API Docs page for how to update docs to be loaded to