Brackets Shortcuts

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Brackets Shortcuts

This page is to document which Shortcut keys are being used by Brackets. Since documenting a software project which is under development will be hard to keep up-to-date, I wrote a Brackets Shortcuts Extension to generate a list of the current set of shortcuts defined to Brackets.

This extension displays all shortcuts defined for:

  • Brackets
  • CodeMirror (which not overridden by Brackets)
  • Extensions which are currently installed

So, I loaded up all of the extensions currently listed on the Brackets Extensions page, started up Brackets, opened the Shortcuts Panel (via Help > Display Shortcuts), opened up a new page, and the clicked the "Copy to Current Document" to create the table below.

So, if you create a new extension for Brackets, follow the same process and add rows to the table to show which shortcuts you are using.

Base Key Key Binding Command ID Command Name Origin
+ Ctrl-+ view​.increaseFontSize Increase Font Size Brackets
, Ctrl-Shift-, com​.notwebsafe​.select-parent Select Parent Extension (Notwebsafe)
- Ctrl-- view​.decreaseFontSize Decrease Font Size Brackets
. Ctrl-Shift-. com​.notwebsafe​.select-child Select Child Extension (Notwebsafe)
/ Ctrl-/ edit.lineComment Toggle Line Comment Brackets
/ Ctrl-Shift-/
Cmd-Alt-/ (Mac)
edit.blockComment Toggle Block Comment Brackets
/ Ctrl-Alt-/ pflynn​.searchCommands Search Commands Extension
/ Ctrl-Alt-/ redmunds​.show-shortcuts​.view​.shortcuts Show Shortcuts Extension (Show-shortcuts)
0 Ctrl-0 view​.restoreFontSize Restore Font Size Brackets
= Ctrl-= view​.increaseFontSize Increase Font Size Brackets
A Ctrl-A edit.selectAll Select All Brackets
A Ctrl-Shift-A AlignAssignments.align Align Assignments Extension
C Ctrl-C edit.copy Copy Brackets
C Ctrl-Shift-C file.previewHighlight Live Highlight Brackets
C Ctrl-Alt-C codefolding.collapse Collapse Current Extension
D Ctrl-D edit.duplicate Duplicate Brackets
D Ctrl-Shift-D edit.deletelines Delete Line(s) Brackets
E Ctrl-E navigate​.toggleQuickEdit Quick Edit Brackets
E Ctrl-Shift-E pflynn​.searchWorkingSetFiles Go to Open File Extension
F Ctrl-F edit.find Find Brackets
F Ctrl-Shift-F edit.findInFiles Find in Files Brackets
G Ctrl-G navigate​.gotoLine Go to Line Brackets
G Cmd-G findNext findNext CodeMirror
G Ctrl-Alt-G GitHubAccess.init Initialize GitHubAccess Extension (GitHubAccess)
G Shift-Cmd-G findPrev findPrev CodeMirror
H Ctrl-H edit.replace Replace Brackets
H Ctrl-Shift-H view​.hideSidebar Hide Sidebar Brackets
J Ctrl-J navigate​.jumptoDefinition Jump to Definition Brackets
J Ctrl-Shift-J katsh.JSONLint Parse json file or hilighted string Extension (JSONLint)
K Ctrl-K navigate​.toggleQuickDocs Quick Docs Brackets
L Ctrl-L convert_lowercase To Lower Case Extension
L Ctrl-Alt-L me.drewh.jsbeautify Beautify Document Extension (Beautify)
M Ctrl-M minifier.min Minify Code Extension (Minifier)
M Ctrl-M redmunds​.brackets-quick-markup​.view​.toggle-quick-markup Quick Markup Mode Extension (Brackets-​quick-​markup)
M Ctrl-Shift-M redmunds​.brackets-quick-markup​.view​.toggle-quick-markup-help Quick Markup Help Extension (Brackets-​quick-​markup)
N Ctrl-N New File Brackets
N Ctrl-Alt-N navigate​.newRule New Rule Brackets
O Alt-O openFileFromUrl.fullEditor Edit File Extension
O Ctrl-O Open… Brackets
O Ctrl-Alt-O openfolder.containing Open Containing Folder Extension
O Ctrl-Shift-O navigate​.quickOpen Quick Open Brackets
P Ctrl-Alt-P file.liveFilePreview Live Preview Brackets
Q Ctrl-Q file.quit Quit Brackets
R Ctrl-Shift-R kehrig​.ReloadInBrowser​.reload Reload in browser Extension (Reload In Browser)
R Ctrl-Alt-R recentProjects.toggle Recent Projects Extension
S Ctrl-S Save Brackets
S Ctrl-Alt-S file.saveAll Save All Brackets
S Ctrl-Shift-S file.saveAs Save As… Brackets
S Ctrl-Shift-S snippets.hideSnippets Show Snippets Extension
T Ctrl-T navigate​.gotoDefinition Go to Definition Brackets
U Alt-U redoSelection redoSelection CodeMirror
U Ctrl-U undoSelection undoSelection CodeMirror
U Ctrl-U convert_uppercase To Upper Case Extension
V Ctrl-V edit.paste Paste Brackets
V Ctrl-Alt-V snippets.execute Run Snippet Extension
W Ctrl-W file.close Close Brackets
W Ctrl-Shift-W file.close_all Close All Brackets
W Ctrl-Shift-W denniskehrig​.ShowIndentation​.toggle Show Indentations Extension (Show Indentation)
X Ctrl-X edit.cut Cut Brackets
X Ctr-Alt-X codefolding.expand Expand Current Extension
Y Ctrl-Y edit.redo Redo Brackets
Z Ctrl-Z undo undo CodeMirror
Z Shift-Ctrl-Z redo redo CodeMirror
[ Ctrl-[ edit.unindent Unindent Brackets
1 Shift-Alt-1 codefolding.expand.all Expand all code in current editor Extension (Code Folding)
1 Alt-1 codefolding.collapse.all Collapse all code in current editor Extension (Code Folding)
[ Ctrl-] edit.indent Indent Brackets
[ Ctrl-[ pflynn​.goWorkingSetPrev Previous Document in List. Extension
] Ctrl-] pflynn​.goWorkingSetNext Next Document in List. Extension
Back​space Ctrl-Backspace delGroupBefore delGroupBefore CodeMirror
Back​space Cmd-Backspace (Mac only) probertson​.deleteToLineStart Delete To Line Start Extension (Delete to line start/end)
Back​space Alt-Backspace (Win only) probertson​.deleteToLineStart Delete To Line Start Extension (Delete to line start/end)
Delete Ctrl-Delete delGroupAfter delGroupAfter CodeMirror
Delete Cmd-Delete (Mac only) probertson​.deleteToLineEnd Delete To Line End Extension (Delete to line start/end)
Delete Alt-Delete (Win only) probertson​.deleteToLineEnd Delete To Line End Extension (Delete to line start/end)
Down Alt-Down navigate​.nextMatch Next Match Brackets
Down Alt-Shift-Down pflynn​.everyscrub.nudge_down Decrement Number Extension (Everyscrub)
Down Ctrl-Down view​.scrollLineDown Scroll Line Down Brackets
Down Ctrl-Shift-Down edit.lineDown Move Line(s) Down Brackets
End Ctrl-End goDocEnd goDocEnd CodeMirror
Enter Ctrl-Enter edit.openLineBelow Open Line Below Brackets
Enter Ctrl-Shift-Enter edit.openLineAbove Open Line Above Brackets
F2 F2 file.rename Rename Brackets
F3 F3 edit.findNext Find Next Brackets
F3 Shift-F3 edit.findPrevious Find Previous Brackets
F4 Cmd-F4 toshsharma​.bookmarks​.toggleBookmark Toggle Bookmark Extension (Bookmarks)
F4 F4 toshsharma​.bookmarks​.nextBookmark Next Bookmark Extension (Bookmarks)
F4 Shift-Cmd-F4 toshsharma​.bookmarks​.clearBookmarks Clear Bookmarks Extension (Bookmarks)
F4 Shift-F4 toshsharma​.bookmarks​.previousBookmark Previous Bookmark Extension (Bookmarks)
F5 F5 debug​.refreshWindow Reload Brackets Brackets
F6 F6 project.gruntDefault Grunt default Extension (brackets-​grunt)
F7 F7 de.richter.brackets​.extension​.brackets-sort-text​.sortLines Sort Lines Extension (Richter)
F7 ⇧F7 de.richter.brackets​.extension​.brackets-sort-text​.reverseLines Reverse Lines Extension (Richter)
F7 ⌘F7 de.richter.brackets​.extension​.brackets-sort-text​.sortLinesByLength Sort Lines by length Extension (Richter)
F7 ⌥F7 de.richter.brackets​.extension​.brackets-sort-text​.shuffleLines Shuffle Lines Extension (Richter)
F7 ⌥⌘F7 de.richter.brackets​.extension​.brackets-sort-text​.uniqueLines Remove Duplicate Lines Extension (Richter)
F8 F8 navigate​.gotoFirstProblem Go to First Error/Warning Brackets
F12 F12 debug​.showDeveloperTools Show Developer Tools Brackets
Home Ctrl-Home goDocStart goDocStart CodeMirror
Left Alt-Left goLineStart goLineStart CodeMirror
Left Ctrl-Left goWordLeft goWordLeft CodeMirror
Right Alt-Right goLineEnd goLineEnd CodeMirror
Right Ctrl-Right goWordRight goWordRight CodeMirror
Space Ctrl-Space edit.showCodeHints Show Code Hints Brackets
Space Ctrl-Shift-Space showParameterHint Show Parameter Hint Extension
Tab Ctrl-Shift-Tab navigate​.prevDoc Previous Document Brackets
Tab Ctrl-Tab navigate​.nextDoc Next Document Brackets
Up Ctrl-Up view​.scrollLineUp Scroll Line Up Brackets
Up Alt-Shift-Up pflynn​.everyscrub​.nudge_up Increment Number Extension (Everyscrub)
Up Alt-Up navigate​.previousMatch Previous Match Brackets
Up Ctrl-Shift-Up edit.lineUp Move Line(s) Up Brackets