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Generating Brackets API Docs

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This set of commands creates the Brackets API Docs to be published at So far, the only set of docs are for the current version of Brackets, but it would probably be useful to provide snapshots of docs for major releases (e.g. Brackets 1.0).


Brackets API Documents are generated using apify which is an open source project was written by Brackets committer Chema Balsas. The content is based on JSDoc Annotations in Brackets source code which follow Google Closure Compiler.

Use Mac

Note: There is a known bug that the incorrect folder structure and links are generated on Windows, so use Mac to generate documents until that bug is fixed.

Install node apify package

The following commands assume that the brackets and root folders are side-by-side.

This command installs the node apify package globally so you can run it from any folder. Note that apify is still being developed, so it's a good idea to re-run this command each time to get the latest package.

cd ~
sudo npm install -g apify

Create branch in repo

Brackets API documents are posted to the repo, so clone that repo (first time only):

git clone

Create a new branch off of latest gh-pages branch (default branch in

git checkout gh-pages
git pull
git status
git checkout -b yourname/new-branch-name

Checkout Brackets branch

Checkout the Brackets branch that you want to generate API Docs for which is usually release branch. Currently, we only generate docs for the current master, but once we reach version 1.0, we'll want to generate docs for each major and minor release.

cd ../brackets
git checkout release
git pull
git status

Generate Docs

The source folder (-s) for API Docs is the brackets/src folder. The following command assumes that you are in the root of the brackets repo.

The output folder (-o) is

The title (-t) is Brackets.

apify -s src/ -o ../ -t Brackets

Submit Pull Request

The API Docs should now be in the repo in your new branch, so you'll need to submit a pull request and then merge files.

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