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Release notes: Sprint 11

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What's New in Sprint 11

Our main goals this sprint were to grow the core feature set (starting on code hinting); continue preparing for the migration to a CEF3-based native app shell; and stay responsive to the fast-growing Brackets community. We're grateful for receiving both feedback as well as an increasing number of bug fixes and other patches from the community. This sprint we merged a number of external pull requests and evaluated many bug reports & feature requests.

UI Changes

no major changes to existing UI

API Changes

  • FileViewController - now dispatches "fileViewFocusChange" when the selection focus changes between the project tree and the working set, but the current document didn't change
  • ProjectManager - loadProject() is now private. Use openProject() instead: it now accepts an optional project path. If no path is specified, the Folder Chooser dialog is still invoked as before. If a project path is specified, then the current project is closed and the new project is opened.

New Extensibility APIs / API Enhancements

  • Menus - addMenuItem() now supports inserting new menu items relative to a general "menu group" rather than next to a specific existing menu item. See the Menus.MenuSection constants.

Known Issues

  • #1283: Text selection highlight jitters when horizontally resizing window -- will be fixed in the next sprint's CodeMirror upstream merge.
  • #1267: Text selection highlight doesn't extend further to the right if you scroll the editor horizontally -- will be fixed in the next sprint's CodeMirror upstream merge.

Contributions from Brackets

  • To CodeMirror: Bug fix to prevent selection from being lost when using Ctrl+click to right-click on a Mac.

External contributions

Core code updates (pull requests)

New Extensions

Bugs fixed in Sprint 11

For details on the bugs addressed, please refer to closed sprint 11 bugs. A few other bugs might have been fixed that weren't tagged.

Thanks especially to the bug fixes contributed from the community this sprint (see list of contributions above).

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