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History / Release Notes: Sprint 15

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@peterflynn peterflynn add belated note about panel layout change 74c6e00
@peterflynn peterflynn one more API addition c971079
@peterflynn peterflynn call out performance improvement separately, similar to the blog post e69ee0d
@peterflynn peterflynn more explanation of auto-reload & status bar cd01f18
@peterflynn peterflynn Updated Release Notes: Sprint 15 (markdown) 1944762
@peterflynn peterflynn finalize Sprint 15 release notes 4b8a8ea
@peterflynn peterflynn more features & fixes 84c1db0
@peterflynn peterflynn Updated Release Notes: Sprint 15 (markdown) 6d03118
@peterflynn peterflynn categorize what's new list 9315741
@peterflynn peterflynn update list of features & contributions 98a6714
@peterflynn peterflynn list contributions from Dennis too e9f36b4
@peterflynn peterflynn draft list of external contributions b73058c
@peterflynn peterflynn list features merged so far 4c9d9b4
@peterflynn peterflynn Updated Release Notes: Sprint 15 (markdown) 4db105e
@peterflynn peterflynn Sprint release notes template 2bacf31
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