Release Notes: Sprint 37

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What's New in Sprint 37

Full change logs: brackets and brackets-shell

UI Changes

Working Files list - Options to change sort order have been moved from the context menu into a new settings menu, accessed via the gear icon in the Working Files header.

API Changes

Preferences - Brackets offers new APIs for storing preferences in a user-accessible JSON format, and the old preferences APIs are now deprecated. Preferences are now divided into settings and "view state," each stored separately. Setting-type preferences provide change events that you should listen to for updates. See [full Preferences API documentation] for details, including how to migrate existing user preferences from the old system.

File System - Paths with unsupported Windows-style separators ("\" instead of "/") are now explicitly rejected immediately; previously they were accepted by FileSystem but behaved brokenly in various ways. Brackets APIs generally all returned "/"-based paths already, though one that previously did not - FileSystem.showOpenDialog() in single-select mode - has been changed to match this format.

jQuery - Upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0

Editor - The "optionChange" event now uses the Brackets names for the options, rather than the CodeMirror names (for example "wordWrap" rather than "lineWrapping"). See Editor.js for the complete list.

Code Hints - CodeHintManager.setInsertHintOnTab() has been removed. It is replaced with the insertHintOnTab user preference.

New/Improved Extensibility APIs

Preferences - See information above on the new APIs and their capabilities.

Known Issues

  • Activity Monitor in Mavericks (OS X 10.9) says the Brackets Helper process is "Not Responding" even when it's working normally (#5794). You can safely ignore this unless Brackets is actually failing to respond when you click or type text.
  • On Windows XP, Brackets will not detect external file changes instantly. It behaves similarly to Sprint 35 and earlier releases - changes are detected upon window activation, and the folder tree must be manually refreshed.
  • #2272: Windows Vista may not allow the Brackets installer to run (you may not see any error message). To work around this, right-click the installer file, choose Properties, and click the Unblock button.
  • #4362: Slow startup of Brackets and Live Preview on Windows due to Chrome proxy settings. See workaround.
  • Debug > Run Tests is disabled in the installer/DMG distributions of Brackets, because the unit test code is not included. To run unit tests, pull Brackets from GitHub instead.

Community contributions to Brackets

Pulling source code from Git

  • Recommended: rebuild or reinstall an updated brackets-shell (no critical updates, but there are bugfixes).
  • Some submodules were updated this sprint. Run git submodule update to ensure your source tree is fully up to date.

Bugs fixed in Sprint 37

For details on the bugs addressed, please refer to closed sprint 37 bugs. Not all fixed bugs will be caught by this search query, however.