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This page provides a list of community contributors who help with Brackets translations. In case you need your translations to be reviewed by the brackets community.

NB: If you do not want your GitHub handle to be listed here, please file an issue in brackets titled I Work For Edward Snowden. we will remove it ASAP.

NBB: Adobe provides translations for the following languages: French (fr) Japanese (ja) See this page if you want to provide translations to fr & ja.

Community-maintained translations

Contributors who would help with reviewing your translations.

  • Czech (cs)
    • @dvorapa, @martinstarman
  • Bulgarian
    • @lyubomirv
  • Danish (da)
  • German (de)
    • @MarcelGerber, @ingorichter
  • Greek (el)
  • Spanish (es)
    • @TomMalbran, @jbalsas, @busykai
  • Persian-Farsi (fa-ir)
    • @datamweb, @Rezaaa
  • Finnish (fi)
    • @valtlait
  • Galician (gl)
  • Croatian (hr)
    • @diomed
  • Hungarian (hu)
  • Indonesia (id)
    • @yolapop, @resir014
  • Italian (it)
    • @nicolo-ribaudo, @Denisov21
  • Korean (ko)
    • @revi, @taggon, @naradesign
  • Norwegian (nb)
  • Dutch (nl)
    • @coreice, @ispieter
  • Polish (pl)
    • @winek, @jurkian
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) @Rynaro @eliezerb @brunnopleffken @rodrigost23 @nbfontana
  • Portuguese (pt-pt)
  • Romanian (ro)
    • @micnic
  • Russian (ru)
    • @busykai
  • Slovak (sk)
  • Serbian (sr)
    • @goranvasic
  • Swedish (sv)
    • @mikaeljorhult
  • Turkish (tr)
    • @valtlait
  • Ukrainian (uk)
  • Simplified Chinese (zh-cn)
    • @michaeljayt, @mistyhua, @fengdi
  • Traditional Chinese (zh-tw)
    • @tan9
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