User Key Bindings

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This page describes how user can update key bindings in Brackets.

Key bindings for default commands or extensions can be overridden or removed.

Currently, only key bindings for commands can be updated -- not editor bindings currently handled by the CodeMirror keymap. Key bindings cannot be modified for special commands: cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, or select all.

Quick Start

Use Debug > Open User Key Map to open the keymap.json in Brackets so it can be edited. If the file does not already exist, then it will be automatically created.

Changes to key bindings are applied immediately on File Save.


The keymap.json file is located in the the user data folder. The user data folder is located at:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Brackets
  • Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Brackets -- (aka %appdata%\Brackets)
  • Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Brackets -- (aka %appdata%\Brackets)
  • Linux: ~/.config/brackets -- (aka $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/brackets)

JSON Data Format

The JSON data format is:

    "overrides": {
        "<key>": "<command-id>"
        [, "<key>": "<command-id>"]


<key> is a unique key. <command-id> is the command id string to assign, or null to remove a key binding.

Modifier keys are operating system specific, so on Mac use Cmd versus Ctrl on Windows. The following table lists all the valid modifier keys and other supported key names.

Windows/Linux Mac Notes
Ctrl Cmd
Alt Opt
Shift Shift
Ctrl Control key only available on Mac
Up Up displayed as ↑ on mac
Down Down displayed as ↓ on mac
Left Left displayed as ← on mac
Right Right displayed as → on mac
Backspace Backspace
Enter Enter
Tab Tab
Space Space
PageUp PageUp
PageDown PageDown
Home Home
End End
Insert Insert
Delete Delete

Command ID can be found in this file, but it does not have any command ID from the extensions. So it is better to install "Display Shortcuts" extension from Extension Manager. See for how to use the extension to show the key bindings.


Special Commands

Currently, the shortcuts to these commands cannot be updated or re-assigned:

  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-A, command: "edit.selectAll"
  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-C, command: "edit.copy"
  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-V, command: "edit.paste"
  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-X, command: "edit.cut"
  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-Z, command: "edit.undo"
  • key: Ctrl/Cmd-Y, Cmd-Shift-Z, command: "edit.redo"

Mac Reserved Shortcuts

These shortcuts cannot be overridden on Mac:

  • "Cmd-,"
  • "Cmd-H"
  • "Cmd-Alt-H"
  • "Cmd-M"
  • "Cmd-Q"

Import Mac key bindings from Sublime Text

    "overrides": {
        "Cmd-Shift-L":     "edit.splitSelIntoLines",
        "Ctrl-Shift-Up":   "edit.addCursorToPrevLine",
        "Ctrl-Shift-Down": "edit.addCursorToNextLine",
        "Cmd-Shift-D":     "edit.duplicate",
        "Ctrl-Shift-K":    "edit.deletelines",
        "Cmd-L":           "edit.selectLine",
        "Cmd-D":           "cmd.addNextMatch",
        "Cmd-Opt-1":       "cmd.splitViewNone",
        "Cmd-Opt-2":       "cmd.splitViewVertical",
        "Cmd-Opt-Shift-2": "cmd.splitViewHorizontal",
        "Ctrl-G":          "navigate.gotoLine",
        "Cmd-Opt-Right":   "navigate.nextDoc",
        "Cmd-Opt-Left":    "navigate.prevDoc",
        "Cmd-R":           "navigate.gotoDefinition",
        "Cmd-P":           "navigate.quickOpen"

Import Windows key bindings from Sublime Text

    "overrides": {
        "Ctrl-Shift-L":  "edit.splitSelIntoLines",
        "Ctrl-Alt-Up":   "edit.addCursorToPrevLine",
        "Ctrl-Alt-Down": "edit.addCursorToNextLine",
        "Ctrl-Shift-D":  "edit.duplicate",
        "Ctrl-Shift-K":  "edit.deletelines",
        "Ctrl-D":        "cmd.addNextMatch",
        "Alt-Shift-1":   "cmd.splitViewNone",
        "Alt-Shift-2":   "cmd.splitViewVertical",
        "Alt-Shift-8":   "cmd.splitViewHorizontal",
        "Ctrl-R":        "navigate.gotoDefinition",
        "Ctrl-P":        "navigate.quickOpen"
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