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Brackets Quick Start - Narciso (nj) Jaramillo

Brackets Live Preview demo

Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor for the Web - Adam Lehman

Brackets Intro by NetTuts+

"Classic" intro video (2012) - Narciso (nj) Jaramillo

How to use specific features

Demos & experiments

space-age-miracle-tools.js (JSConf 2013) - Narciso (nj) Jaramillo, Peter Flynn (various experiments)

QCon 2013: Exploring the Future of Web Tooling with Brackets - Narciso (nj) Jaramillo (various experiments)

Theseus JavaScript Debugger for Brackets - Tom Lieber (now available in Extension Manager!)

"PSD Lens" Concept: from Design Comp to Code - Narciso (nj) Jaramillo (now available as "Adobe Extract for Brackets" - see never video above)

Responsive design tool for Brackets - Lee Brimelow (now available in Extension Manager!)

Space Age Miracle Tools: Experiments with Brackets - Jason San Jose, Adam Lehman, Ryan Stewart, Peter Flynn (various experiments)

Under the hood

Building Live HTML and Omniscient Debuggers in Brackets (JSConfEU 2013) - Peter Flynn and Kevin Dangoor

Extending Brackets with JavaScript - Kevin Dangoor

Hack Your Editor: Contributing to Brackets - Glenn Ruehle

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