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bea04e7 Allow wildcard for corporate CLA. Add nvidia to AUTHORS. authored
1 # Names should be added to this file with this pattern:
2 #
3 # For individuals:
4 # Name <email address>
5 #
6 # For organizations:
7 # Organization <fnmatch pattern>
8 #
9 # See python fnmatch module documentation for more information.
4ffd7b6 Set svn:eol-style = LF and normalize newlines as on other files authored
bea04e7 Allow wildcard for corporate CLA. Add nvidia to AUTHORS. authored
11 The Chromium Authors <*>
12 Google Inc. <*>
020c6fc Consolidate on the top level AUTHORS file. authored
13 Seo Sanghyeon <>
daea2bf Test commit to test svn access. authored
14 Alex Scheele <>
e8eb8bd fix build issue on Linux with GCC 4.1.2 authored
15 Andrew Brampton <>
16 Paweł Hajdan jr <>
009a6ea This change implements the performance recommendation from: authored
17 Jesse Miller <>
8e4b61a Patch from Szymon Piechowicz <> authored
18 Szymon Piechowicz <>
35b45ea Simply use a named enum instead of a typedef. authored
19 James Vega <>
4503981 Add (for issue 1783, integrated as r1840). authored
20 Marco Rodrigues <>
d66edbe Fix IDNtoUnicode and unittest. authored
21 Matthias Reitinger <>
2a7841e Provide necessary constructors in StackAllocator and PrivateHookAlloc… authored
22 Peter Bright <>
6758b3e Add preferences for the clear browsing data dialog so that authored
23 Arthur Lussos <>
05a198b Enable two CyberTrust root CAs for EV. The EV policy authored
24 Masahiro Yado <>
e143444 Adds an --incognito switch that can be used to launch Chrome in Incog… authored
25 Yarin Kaul <>
1cf1cc7 Fix some issues found looking at the code. authored
26 Gaetano Mendola <>
a51f324 Enable AddTrust External CA Root for EV. The patch is authored
27 Comodo CA Limited
42adf38 Add icefox (Torchmobile Inc.) to the AUTHORS file authored
28 Torchmobile Inc.
e87de23 Make the linux test shell display the window title. authored
29 Craig Schlenter <>
ed1fc65 Change made by external contributor Ibrar Ahmed (… authored
30 Ibrar Ahmed <>
8fccb52 Implement NamedProcessIterator in base/ Patch by… authored
31 Naoki Takano <>
1f8d29c Allow chromium to be built with some system libs by introducing authored
32 Fabien Tassin <>
66cbc15 Fixed two simple compilations that stopped browser/net/ authored
33 Kunal Thakar <>
1ae50c0 <esc> in the AutocompleteEdit should select all the text when reverti… authored
34 Mohamed Mansour <>
d52c9ae Fixed failed test in net_perftest. authored
35 Joshua Roesslein <>
ccdc534 Lands fix for 6878 from Yong Shin. authored
36 Yong Shin <>
e435ac3 Adds a command line switch to allow the user to specify the location authored
37 Laszlo Radanyi <>
cd1426e Initial support for Renderer Side Histograms authored
38 Raman Tenneti <>
6053793 Bringing the Task Manager to the front shouldn't cause it to lose top… authored
39 Kyle Nahrgang <>
b7823a8 Change to make the 'save as...' dialog choose the default download pa… authored
40 Kim Christensen <>
6fc0c67 I just noticed that I accidentally left out the change to the AUTHORS… authored
41 Paul Robinson <>
50fc585 UTF-8-ify AUTHORS. The file was UTF-8 initially, but someone added some authored
42 Josué Ratelle <>
557573f Lands fix for 9659 from tedoc. See… authored
43 Edward Crossman <>
dd4735c Fix for minimum size check authored
44 Nikita Ofitserov <>
ae6d159 Minimal SetInitialFocus and RestoreFocus. These aren't final, but this authored
45 Sean Bryant <>
1ab7142 Hook up the View Source menu item in the mac port. authored
46 Robert Sesek <>
594f2f3 Add support for almost-recursive watches in Linux DirectoryWatcher authored
47 Janwar Dinata <>
6ff3a9f Make the caption text for the "I understand" checkboxes in malware in… authored
48 Will Hirsch <>
b9b1f10 Fixed a bug with the unit_tests, which caused it to leave hebrew enabled authored
49 Yoav Zilberberg <>
05c95b3 Scale backing store cache size. authored
50 Joel Stanley <>
6756b5b Bind ^Q to quit, as is standard with Linux GUI apps. authored
51 Jacob Mandelson <>
67e27a4 Included text/css content type into list of the supported non image f… authored
52 Yuri Gorobets <>
26fa23e Adding Paul Wicks for mac os spellcheck code. authored
53 Paul Wicks <>
10b7393 Lands for Thiago. authored
54 Thiago Farina <>
1767870 Make scrollbars and other controls tint/untint upon main window gaining authored
55 Viet-Trung Luu <>
8b9881a When there are no images to replace a blacklisted page, putting filler authored
56 Pierre-Antoine LaFayette <>
467c771 Fix Issue 160529 in a nice way with unittest. authored
57 Song YeWen <>
e646de6 Have the dock menu "New Incognito Window" item always open a new authored
58 Philippe Beauchamp <>
59 Vedran Šajatović <>
c6ccd45 Added an accelerator to the HtmlDialogView class so that hitting the … authored
60 Randy Posynick <>
61 Bruno Calvignac <>
c64a93e Provides a certificate for SSL client authentication on NSS sockets. authored
62 Jaime Soriano Pastor <>
dc80732 Disable system suspend while downloading files on win32. authored
63 Bryan Donlan <>
cb420e6 Changed button text in Edit Search Engine... dialog to conform authored
64 Ramkumar Ramachandra <>
1675e86 Call SSL_SetSockPeerID for proper SSL session reuse, especially when authored
65 Dominic Jodoin <>
66 Kaspar Brand <>
c5acbc4 Adds the cmdline "--new-window" that instructs the init sequence authored
67 Clemens Fruhwirth <>
a014d10 Added pause button to DownloadItemMac via IB and IBAction to receive … authored
68 Kevin Lee Helpingstine <>
08a9b99 Allow using system libevent instead of the bundled one. authored
69 Bernard Cafarelli <>
0faa953 Fix the Mac "Certificate Information" button by binding the enabled a… authored
70 Vernon Tang <>
cc1eeab Added a "Reload Frame" command to context menu of a frame in the html… authored
71 Alexander Sulfrian <>
feacfaa Support dragging within the omnibox dropdown. Original patch by Phil… authored
72 Philippe Beaudoin <>
4d333ba Added the GetAllAutofillEntries function to the WebDatabase class in … authored
73 Mark Hahnenberg <>
5be1869 We dump all of the originals_ metahandles to the dirty_metahandles in… authored
74 Alex Gartrell <>
cf55a78 Implements AeroPeek of Windows 7. authored
75 Leith Bade <>
7eaa3c2 solaris: minor ifdefs authored
76 James Choi <>
d656105 Add TLS server_name extension support for Mac Chrome. authored
77 Paul Kehrer <>
32b2dda Modified SavePackage(TabContents* tab_contents) of authored
78 Chamal De Silva <>
e7b0343 Correct positioning of tooltips in nonclient portion of Aero windows.… authored
79 Jay Soffian <>
f1c3830 Allow the use of the master_preferences file in Linux. authored
80 Brian G. Merrell <>
dc55261 Honor select-all on tab-away when omnibar is empty (gtk) authored
81 Matthew Willis <>
bea04e7 Allow wildcard for corporate CLA. Add nvidia to AUTHORS. authored
82 Novell Inc. <*>
110e71a Adds support for the <keygen> element to Windows, matching authored
83 Ryan Sleevi <>
ed0ba9c Make sure tint for frame_incognito is stored in "Cached Theme.pak". authored
84 Satoshi Matsuzaki <>
db4be28 Fix NULL vs 0 problems which break the build with -Werror using GCC 4.5 authored
85 Benjamin Jemlich <>
98d85f7 Small fix to r45696 authored
86 Ningxin Hu <>
737aeb0 Invalid URLs are no longer mangled when reopening the Options window. authored
87 Jared Wein <>
b626b5c Save/restore position for the preferences window based on prefs, authored
88 Mingmin Xie <>
c2734b7 Change prototype to match upstream change from ffmpeg trunk to fix bu… authored
89 Michael Gilbert <>
ac87906 Add Iceweasel to the list of browsers shown in about:memory. authored
90 Giuseppe Iuculano <>
bea04e7 Allow wildcard for corporate CLA. Add nvidia to AUTHORS. authored
91 litl LLC <*>
b1a95ca Fix acquisition of thumbnail images on Linux. authored
92 James Willcox <>
ab5c46b Added a method to check if a browser is closing. authored
93 Shreyas VA <>
06e5d39 Save and restore the options window position instead of always center… authored
94 Steven Pennington <>
078bc94 Add CoreLocation support to Chrome. authored
95 Jorge Villatoro <>
8aa33a0 Added a check to see if the SaveFileDefaultDirectory exists, if not i… authored
96 Paul Nettleship <>
10ec963 Roll GTM r375:410 authored
97 David Benjamin <>
a99504f Add Sevan Janiyan to the AUTHORS file. authored
98 Sevan Janiyan <>
8cf625d Adding the possibility to resize the "Edit Bookmark" dialog. authored
99 Peter Beverloo <>
0a38c32 Move more extensions hard coded error messages to .grd file. authored
100 Lauri Oherd <>
b6ade6d Tweak atomicops implementation for Mac OS X to compile correctly when… authored
101 Ben Karel <>
dc5c591 Fixed the "My Bookmarks" sample extension. authored
102 Sam McDonald <>
de335af Clamp posix file names to NAME_MAX. authored
103 Magnus Danielsson <>
2c266a0 Begin the DCHECK() cleanup. Starting off with /src/chrome/a* and /src… authored
104 Kushal Pisavadia <>
a174134 Fix compiling on gcc-4.6. authored
105 Maarten Lankhorst <>
0f162ba Removing references to off the record in comments and log messages. authored
106 Vipul Bhasin <>
5839fb1 WinDDK ATL and MSVC express 2008/2005 compatability authored
107 Ryan Norton <>
f56fae3 Lands for Dill: authored
108 Dillon Sellars <>
6105f4c [Mac] Allow text selection in the page info bubble. authored
109 Seshadri Mahalingam <>
70e6b07 Adds method call to UpdatePrintableSizeInPrintParameters() to fix Con… authored
110 Clement Scheelfeldt Skau <>
8855e04 Replacing outdated DCHECK(a == b) with DCHECK_EQ(a, b). authored
111 David Futcher <>
fb8d0e8 Send the 'page_url' parameter of the page (on which the right click w… authored
112 Ramkumar Gokarnesan <>
d127d3b Modifies the event handler for WM_APPCOMMAND events to return TRUE if… authored
113 Matt Arpidone <>
cbfe56a Add ruben to AUTHORS so people stop asking if he's signed the CLA. authored
114 ruben <>
bea04e7 Allow wildcard for corporate CLA. Add nvidia to AUTHORS. authored
115 NVIDIA Corporation <*>
9065747 Add support for Linux kernels >=3.0-rc1 in Python related build files… authored
116 Torsten Kurbad <>
6cc2643 Clean up of -Wunused-but-set-variable (gcc 4.6) authored
117 Max Perepelitsyn <>
0a7a4f5 Disable part of InProcessBrowserTest.InjectIDBKey to prepare for upst… authored
118 Luke Zarko <>
f6a4225 Added a link to the downloads tab that opens the downloads folder. authored
119 Felix H. Dahlke <>
bc61797 Fixes a corner case bug in the HexStringToInt conversion function whi… authored
120 Ali Vathi <>
379375e Optimize all images in chrome/app and chrome/browser. authored
121 Mathias Bynens <>
0952d8d Copy Mark Seaborn from the Native Client authors file to the Chromium… authored
122 Mark Seaborn <>
a4cb323 Clean the SingletonLock only if there is no previous Chromium process… authored
123 Amruth Raj <>
c8259eb Fixed crash when a SinglesplitView gets embedded inside SingleSplitView. authored
124 Gajendra Singh <>
d690f58 Fix the spelling of the comment in ImeInput::IsCtrlShiftPressed. authored
125 Ehsan Akhgari <>
56618cc CUPS printing: Define CUPS_PRINTER_SCANNER for Linux if CUPS is < 1.4 authored
126 Christopher Dale <>
00fbe94 add Sanjoy Pal to AUTHORS. authored
127 Sanjoy Pal <>
59d6548 Add Pepper API to use UDP authored
128 Mike Tilburg <>
129 Peter Brophy <>
130 Robert Goldberg <>
131 Don Woodward <>
539f81d Changes to get appropriate favicon for a URL which has icons for both… authored
132 Naveen Bobbili <>
f8f233a Fix compilation when use_aura is turned ON. authored
133 Vamshikrishna Yellenki <>
5c46860 OpenBSD support for yasm. authored
134 Robert Nagy <>
33aaec2 Fix build error while building with 'make' (Complete build). authored
135 Nayan Kumar K <>
32941e7 Add ARM (asm) memset routines to skia build authored
136 ShankarGanesh K <>
f1b923c Use rewritten url of a tab to find the zoom level from zoom map. Zoom… authored
137 Goutham Jagannatha <>
8b079fa Stopping unnecessary update of file name to stop resetting of selecti… authored
138 Rosen Dash <>
3b3fab8 History: Hide 'edit items' button when there are no items to display. authored
139 Naveen Bobbili <>
6da09fd 97871: Bottom half of new tab button on tabstrip is not touchable. authored
140 Ravi Phaneendra Kasibhatla <>
a43642d Invalid URLs should not be added to startup page list. authored
141 Rosen Dash <>
d9876d6 Fix for a memory leak in views/controls/native/ authored
142 Parag Radke <>
ddb5781 Change the dev toggle in Extensions options page to use text-align in… authored
143 Yair Yogev <>
bda2297 chrome should show the context menu on menu key press though last_mou… authored
144 Chandra Shekar Vallala <>
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