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An apology and a quick fix, having broken CSS Regions Support Matrix #15

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I read the blog post @mibalan did on using QUnit and Browerscope to create the CSS regions support matrix.

Long story short, I played around with the code using your test-key to debug UI, thought I wasn't submitting any data... But apparently I did submit some invalid keys :(

I don't think there's much I can do - but, to say sorry. I can't retract results from browserscope.
I'm quite embarrassed, so again I'm terribly sorry.

A quick workaround would be to add the following line to utilities/css-regions-support-matrix/assets/js/results.js between line 141 and 142 (in the createTableRows function).

141:        for (j = 0; j < obj.results.length; j++) {
 -->             if(obj.results[j].name == null) continue;
142:            var row = '<tr><th>' + obj.results[j].name + '</th>';

Even better of course would be to only read keys that you have unit tests for, but that would require a wrapper for defining the tests and saving test name onload. Nevertheless, it's probably impossible to make a tamper-free crowd sourcing solution, so that's probably overkill.

Again, I'm terribly sorry... And hope this fix works for you, if not let me know...


Thanks for adding the issue @jonasfj .
I've added the quick workaround for now.

@cataling cataling closed this
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