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Instant Replay

Plugin to allow Instant Replays
It basically combines the "Automatic Scene Switching" and "Per Scene Volume"
(from OBS Classic) plugins to allow instant replays in live streams.

Windows is built and working for both 32bit and 64bit

Drag and drop obs-studio folder into C:\Program Files
(or wher ever you have obs-studio installed)
Merge all files down and you should be good to go.

OBS (duh)
Qt5 dev

Clone the git repo:
git clone

cd to where you downloaded the source

Check the environment PATHS in Makefile
Make sure they match your OBS and Qt5 installations and fix if necessary.
(OBS_API_INCLUDE will not need updating as the files are in the git repo)

Then run:

make install  
make clean (optional: if you want to remove the temporary .o and .so files)  

Uh, sould work. Probably. Don't have a MAC to test with.
You can try the LINUX instructions.
Let me know if you get it to work!

Open the settings popup under:
Tools -> Instant Replay Settings

Fill in the below settings:
Enable - Enables/disbale the plugins
Write Pause (s) - Pause to allow OBS to write the replay file. OBS can't instantly write a file. ~10 seconds should be okay. Find something that works for you
Transition Pause (ms) - Length of the transition in milliseconds. If the stinger is at 30fps, multiply the number of frames by 33. If the stinger is at 60fps, multiply the number of frames by 16.
Replay Length (s) - Length of the replay in seconds. OBS does not always write as much replay as you tell it to so this may need to be a second or two shorter than the buffer length
Replay Scene - Scene to switch to that has the replay source. Mute Desktop Audio - Mute the Desktop Audio channels when replay is playing. Mute Mic/AUX - Mute the Mic/Aux channels when replay is playing.

Hit "OK"

Open the Hotkeys under:
Settings -> Hotkeys

Find the Instant Replay hotkey
Set it TO THE SAME KEY as you have Save Replay under Replay Buffer set to.

Setting up the replay source:
Set your Recording to a constant name (so remove all the % stuff). Makes it
easy to point your replay source to a file that will exist.
Point your Media Source to what your replay will be saved as.


Instant Replay plugin for obs-studio







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