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Example of Calling Lua from Fortran
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This project shows how to call a Lua file from Fortran.
You can also call a Lua file from C, but doing it from an
even older language seems more dramatic. This also demonstrates
how to call C libraries directly from Fortran using the

This Makefile is made specifically for the Ranger and Lonestar systems.
It relies on their module command to load packages. In particular,
you have to ensure Intel Fortran and Lua are loaded. Currently, that
would require you to type:

  module swap pgi intel
  module add lua

Then call make to produce an executable.


Why call Lua from Fortran? I can think of two good uses for this.
Fortran's string parsing is not pretty, so you could
use a Lua file as a configuration file. You can query environment
variables and do pre-calculations in the configuration file, yielding
a result for Fortran to use. You can even pass in functions for
Fortran to execute.

You could also write a commonly-modified subroutine in Lua so that
there is no need to recompile the code when you make changes.

Why Lua? It is installed on Ranger. The language is relatively
simple and has basic math included. It's made to embed in programs.
That said, it is not a common language. You could do the same
exercise with Gnu Guile.

How? Lua is a very small language that is built to be embedded.
It passes all of its state back to the calling program through
a stack (the stack data structure, but stored on the heap) so that
it is simple to retrieve.

We use Fortran's iso_c_binding to call the Lua C library directly
from Fortran. That binding is a relatively new development in
Fortran, but it works fine.

Drew Dolgert
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