JavaScript Testing Project for CleRB
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JS Testing project for the CleRB presentation

You can watch Joe Fiorini and my presentation on our history of JavaScript Testing here.

The project uses the String Calculator kata.

The master branch introduces the problem. Please take a look at the public/index.html file.

The 01-jasmine-browser branch has Jasmine's browser example. Check out the branch and open spec/SpecRunner.html. A new JS file was created under public/js/string_calculator.js. This object is being covered in the spec/string_calculator_spec.js file.

02-jasmine-node branch introduces jasmine-node. You need to run the necessary npm packages. Plesae run npm install after you made sure you have node.js and npm installed. You can execute the tests by running make test. The command make test-doc will give you the documentation from the spec.

03-mocha will show you the Mocha examples. You need to install the npm packages and run the specs with make.

The 03b-mocha-exports branch has the Mocha exports examples. Please take a look at the spec file in the test/string_calculator_spec.js file. You can run the specs by executing make test-exports in the terminal.

04-mocha-browser branch contains the browser based examples for Mocha. It's very similar to the 01-jasmine-browser example where the specs are executed in the browser. Run the specs by opening up the test/browser/index.html in your browser.

Please ping me if you have any questions.