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Adonno's Assistant Configuration

So here we are, I finally managed to put my conifg on github and will try to keep it up to date. Follow along in this journey.

My homeassitant Dashboards

I fully moved to lovelacelce-Ui. It took me several evenings in order to get it right and I am still tweaking. The main view is mostly used on big 21" built-in tablets. But is also usable on mobile devices. It shows the current state of an entity and it is possible to control the state of that entity by tapping the icon. Please note that the scrennshots are only to give you an idea and maybe these aren't the most recent version







So how did i stumble on Home-assitant an how i started with a hassbian then moved to a docker container and came back on on a pi.

My house is running on a KNX backbone, but the servers provided cost an arm and a leg and I didn't want to Invest in that. Somehow while looking for OpenHab I found homeassitant. I had already tried with OpenHab but I never really managed to get i working. Then i landed on HA website and saw some screenshots I installed it on the Pi and was amazed at how simple it was to use and configure. The community is amazing and quickly growing. There are several youtubers regurarely posting tutorials and the system is kept up to date on a 2 week schedule as of now.

House Automation Hardware

Host system: Intel Nuc

I have ESXi Running on an Intel Nuc and Hassio running on a VM

Backbone: KNX

This is the Controlled electrical installation There is not much to say about this. As the house was a new construction this was the best way to go imho. Having everything wired makes it less error/interference prone and avoid additional radio frequencies.

Device Quantities More Info Image
ABB - SV/S 30.640.3.1 1X PowerSupply,640mA
ABB - SA/S12.16.5.1 1X Switch Act, 12F 16-C-Load
ABB - SA/S4.16.2.1 1X Switch Act, 4F, 16A
ABB - JRA/S4.230.5.1 2X Blind/RolShtAct.TravD,M,4f
Hager - TXM620D 1X Output module 20x 16A (C)/230V~, KNX
Hager - TYA628C 1X Output device for 8 shutters or blinds 230V~
Hager - TXA207C 1X Output 10 -fold 16A
Theben - DM 4 T 4X 4-way universal dimmer actuator FIX2
Theben - DMB 1 T 1X Switch Act, 12F 16-C-Load
MDT - AKH-0400.02 1X Heating Actuators 4-fold
MDT - AKH-0800.02 1X Heating Actuators 4-fold
MDT - SCN-IP100.02 1X IP Router
BEG - PD11-KNX-FLAT 3X Low profile KNX occupancy detector
MDT - BE-TA55P2.01 1X Push Button 2-fold
MDT - BE-TA55P6.01 1X Push Button 6-fold
MDT - BE-TA55P8.01 1X Push Button 8-fold
MDT - BE-GT2Tx.01 11X Glass Push Buttons II Smart With Temperature Sensor
MDT - BE-GT20x.01 4X Glass Push Buttons II Smart
Zennio - ZAS 1X ZAS Zennio Analog Screen


Device Quantities Image
Fibaro Smoke Sensors 3X
Fibaro RGBW controllers 4x
Fibaro 3-1 Motion Sensor 1X
Fibaro Intercom 1X

(I would not recommend this intercom) Though it looks nice, it is not usable with home assitant except for the camera feed. If someone rings the bell, the phones where the app is installed on rings but there is no API as of now for HA to access. Contacted their support about the issue and still waiting on a reply from their side.


I have several Choromecasts for my home audio entertainment system. I am actually using 1 for the Partental suite and 1 for the living/kitchen/entrance area 1 is used for TTS mesages I am using several Speakers:

  • 4 above the TV/couch - 224mm 60W
  • 2 in the kitchen - 224mm 60W
  • 1 in the WC - 80mm 10W
  • 1 in the main antrance - 80mm 10W
  • 1 in the hallway - 80mm 10W
  • 1 in the parental Bedroom - 224mm 60W
  • 1 in the Wardrobe - 80mm 10W
  • 1 in the Parental Bathroom -224mm 60W

There will be more speakers addedd in the Garage and in the Wellness Aera at a later

I am currently working with mixers as chromecast don't continue with playback after a message as been broadcast over tts. Maybe this issue could be solved by using alexa devices instead of Chormecasts. I will also need a big per channel amplifyer as i will have at least 6-7 Zones and have more powerful amps in a 2nd pahse as the current ones caon't keep up with the speakers

Device List

Device Quantities Image
Chomrecast Audio 4X
Loxone Speaker 8X
Visaton Deckenlautsprecher Dl-8 4X
Lepy-808 Black Digital-Amplifyer Stereo-Audio,20W 5X
Behringer Xenyx 502 4X


Synology DS415+


XORO Megapad A 21" Wallmounted Tabled (with no batteires)running on android for HA display 2X


Amazon Alexa

Harmony Hub


Every Sunday at 3:00 AM an automation creates a snapshot of my Setup. Knowing that SD cards can fail and maybe running the risk i could loose my snapshot is preocupating so I mounted the Backup folder with my Sonolgy nas and have a Job running on it copies the snapshots to a local folder. I think i will create a Tutorial or a video Later on that matter

On Hassio

- alias: weeklysnapshot
  initial_state: True
  id: weeklysnapshot
    - platform: time
      at: 03:00:00
  - condition: time
    - sun
  - service: hassio.snapshot_full
      name: Automated Backup {{ now().strftime('%Y-%m-%d') }}


This is an extenisve list of all the stuff i would like to work on soon.


Install Sensors

I have several stuff I would monitor for "flood/Waterleaks"

  • Heating Central
  • Dishwasher
  • Water mains
  • Washingingmachine
  • (maybe in the bathoroom cabinets ? )

Install CO sensor

That one will be installed in the heating central as it is GAS fueled. (i could maybe have a device having both flood and CO monitoring)

Tidy up my Hassio config

Tidy up and Document my config better inspired by @freck

That will be a hell lot of work



🏠 My Home Assistant config & docs ( based). Be sure to 🌟 this repository for updates!



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