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An Ember addon for painlessly supporting keyboard events


  • Ember Octane-friendly template declarations for keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for keyup and keydown, as well as the modifier keys: ctrl, alt, shift, and meta.
  • Dynamic priority levels allow you to specify which components respond first to key events and under what circumstances. (Thanks to ember-key-responder for the inspiration)
  • Human-readable key-mappings. (Thanks to ember-keyboard-service for the inspiration)

Documentation & Demo

You can find interactive documentation here.


  • Ember 4 compatibility requires ember-keyboard 7.x or higher
  • For Ember 3.8 to 3.28, you can use ember-keyboard 6.x (not compatible with Internet Explorer)
  • For use with Ember 2.0 up to 3.8 or IE compatibility, use ember-keyboard 5.x.
  • Node.js v16 or above
  • ember-auto-import v2.0.0 or above (this is v2 addon)

Accessibility Considerations

In order to avoid adding keyboard shortcuts to your application that are already in use by assistive technology, please review the existing keyboard shortcuts and gestures available today:


ember install ember-keyboard