Leaflet plugin for displaying equidistant markers along a route
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Plugin for Leaflet to display markers along a route at equivalent distances.



// use defaults
var line = L.polyline(coords);

// override defaults
var line = L.polyline(coords, {
	distanceMarkers: { showAll: 11, offset: 1600, cssClass: 'some-other-class', iconSize: [16, 16] }

// show/hide markers on mouseover
var line = L.polyline(coords, {
	distanceMarkers: { lazy: true }
line.on('mouseover', line.addDistanceMarkers);
line.on('mouseout', line.removeDistanceMarkers);


  • offset: distance in meters between the markers (default: 1000 (= 1 km))
  • showAll: the zoom level at which all distance markers will be shown -- zooming out once from this level will remove approximately half of the markers (default: 12)
  • lazy: postpone adding the markers until Polyline.addDistanceMarkers is explicitly called (default: false)
  • cssClass: CSS class to set on marker icons
  • iconSize: size of the marker icon in pixels; type: L.Point or array (default: [12, 12]); set to null to allow sizing via CSS class (see example on icon-size branch)