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XS2ABank - PSD2 XS2A Dynamic Sandbox
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Implementation of the dynamic sandbox based on the adorsys ledgers core banking system and XS2A services.

Running the XS2ASandbox

0.For build and run XS2ASandbox requires GNU Make to be installed on your local machine. Please, make sure it is installed.

1.Download the project and go to the project directory:

> git clone
> cd XS2A-Sandbox

2.This sandbox runs with the docker-compose that can be found at: docker-compose.yml and Makefile. But before you run this, first of all you should check if all build dependencies are installed:

> make check

If something is missing, install it to your local machine, otherwise the build will fail. List of dependencies that are required to use XS2ASandbox: Java 8, nodeJs, AngularCLI, asciidoctor, jq, docker, docker-compose, maven, plantuml. Here are links where you can install needed dependencies:

Dependency Link
Java 8
Node.js 11.x
Angular CLI 7.x
Asciidoctor 2.0
jq 1.6
Docker 1.17
Docker Compose 1.24
Maven 3.5
PlantUML 1.2019.3

Note 1: please, use Node.js version lower than 12 (e.g. 10.x.x or 11.x.x). Otherwise angular applications would not be built due to version conflicts.

Note 2: check amount of memory given to Docker (Open Docker Desktop -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Memory). For a fast and painless start of all the services it should be not less than 5 GB.

3.Build and run the project with Makefile:

> make run

4.Open Developer Portal and follow the manual to start working with XS2ASandbox.

5.Stop running containers in terminal with key combination Control + C.

6.Afterwards you can remove all the Sandbox containers from Docker with the following command:

> docker-compose rm -s -f -v

Links to local Swagger Interfaces

Following urls will access the swagger interfaces:

XS2A Interface



ASPSP-profile is a module where bank-specific settings are stored.


Links to local User Interfaces

Developer portal UI

Developer portal is the main information resource on how to get started, how to test and work with XS2ASandbox.


Online banking UI

Online banking UI is an Angular application, developed to provide consents, payment confirmations and cancellation from PSU to ASPSP in case of redirect SCA approach.



TPP UI is an Angular application, which provides a user interface to TPP and allows to register, get test certificate and manage users and accounts.

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