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Adosia Phoenix Connect Script for SPACE IO Boards

Flash the adosia_phoenix.ino script to your ESP8266-based WEMOS D1 R2 or WEMOS D1 Mini WiFi baseboards to automatically download the latest Adosia binary to ready your own WiFi hardware for connecting to the Adosia IoT Platform.

Alternatively, you can purchase IoT hardware pre-flashed with the Adosia binary from the Adosia IoT Store

Steps to Download the Latest Adosia Binary

  1. Copy and paste the adosia_phoenix.ino sketch into your Arduino IDE

  2. Set your IDE settings to Board WeMos D1 R2 & mini, Flash Size 4M (3M spiffs), and Upload Speed of 115200 baud

  3. Make sure line 7 has the correct iot_prefix for the IO board you are using (default is space_v2-2_fwv)

  4. Update lines 10 and 11 respectively with the Network SSID and Password for your WiFi Network (WiFi login credentials are never transmitted to Adosia servers)

  5. Use the Arduino IDE to upload the sketch to your IoT WiFi hardware

  6. When the upload completes, reset your board (recycle power) so the OTA update will take effect and download the latest binary from Adosia servers

If using an Adosia SPACE IO board, the onboard LED will blink green 10 times once the baseboard successfully connects to your WiFi network, and will blink blue 6 times once the latest Adosia binary has been successfully downloaded. The board should now be ready to connect to the Adosia IoT Platform just as if you purchased it from the Adosia IoT Store

if the Arduino IDE doesn't recognize your board, you may need to download the CH340 driver

iot_prefix value to set based on Adosia IO Board

  • SPACE (or no IO board) => update iot_prefix on line 7 to space_v2-2_fwv
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