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?? ??? 2016, PHP 7.2.0alpha1
- Core:
. Fixed bug #54535 (WSA cleanup executes before MSHUTDOWN). (Kalle)
. Added support for vendor specific tags for the following formats:
Samsung, DJI, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Minolta & Sigma/Foveon. (Kalle)
. Fixed bug #72682 (exif_read_data() fails to read all data for some
images). (Kalle)
. Fixed bug #71534 (Type confusion in exif_read_data() leading to heap
overflow in debug mode). (hlt99 at blinkenshell dot org, Kalle)
. Fixed bug #68547 (Exif Header component value check error).
(sjh21a at gmail dot com, Kalle)
. Fixed bug #66443 (Corrupt EXIF header: maximum directory nesting level
reached for some cameras). (Kalle)
. Fixed Redhat bug #1362571 (PHP not returning full results for
exif_read_data function). (Kalle)
- GMP:
. Fixed bug #70896 (gmp_fact() silently ignores non-integer input). (Sara)
- Mbstring:
. Implemented request #66024 (mb_chr() and mb_ord()) (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
. Implemented request #65081 (mb_scrub()) (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
. Implemented request #69086 (enhancement for mb_convert_encoding() that
handles multibyte replacement char nicely) (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
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