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added image to illustrate the plugin. changed typical slave settings …

…section to 'Slave Process Configuration'
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1 parent 94e236d commit 3156705d68a05280c81586a067a565b229d87616 @adphillips committed Apr 15, 2011
BIN slaveConfig.png
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2 src/main/resources/jenkins/plugins/ec2slave/EC2ImageSlave/configure-entries.jelly
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
<!-- In order to display ComputerConnector choices, we might not be able to simply import dumbSlave's description -->
- <f:section title="${%Node Configuration}">
+ <f:section title="${%Slave Process Configuration}">
<!-- below we include config that looks just like dumbslave's config-entries.jelly
file but with computerConnector in place of computerLauncher

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