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ADP core utilities module
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ADP Core Library

npm version

The ADP Core library allows interaction with your ADP Marketplace consumer application. Use with ADP Connection to access ADP APIs.

Previous version support

npm install adp-core@1.0.10

Installation (with adp-connection)

$ npm install adp-connection adp-core


API Docs & Examples


To contribute to the library, please generate a pull request. Before generating the pull request, please insure the following:

  1. Appropriate unit tests have been updated or created.
  2. Code coverage on unit tests must be no less than 100%.
  3. Your code updates have been fully tested and linted with no errors.
  4. Update README and API documentation as appropriate.

Test Execution

$ npm test

Code Coverage

$ npm run coverage


$ npm run lint


Apache 2

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