Workflow engine for exploration of simulation models using high performance computing
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OpenMOLE (Open MOdeL Experiment) is a workflow engine designed to leverage the computing power of distributed execution environments for naturally parallel processes.
A process is told naturally parallel if the same computation runs many times for a set of different inputs, such as model experiment or data processing, ...
OpenMOLE can be used as a desktop application and embedded in web applications.
It is a free software distributed under the AGPLv3 free software license.

OpenMOLE Features:

  • Expressive workflows – Graphical and textual (Domain Specific Language) workflow system to describe naturally parallel processes,
  • Transparent distributed computing – Zero-deployment (no installation step) approach to distribute the workload transparently on your multi-core machines, desktop-grids, clusters, grids, ...
  • Works with your programs – Embed user’s executables (Java, Binary exe, NetLogo, R, Scilab, Python, C++, ...),
  • Scalable – Handles millions of tasks and TB of data,
  • Model analysis – Advanced numerical experiments on simulation models (design of experiments, stochastic model replication, calibration, sensitivity analysis, ...),
  • Mature – Developed since 2008, used in many real world applications and for daily production by many scientists.

Need some help to get started?##

To get help please contact the maling list: users ‘at’ (you should subcribe first).