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  1. install dependencies (Redis, Node.js)
  2. clone Hubot IRC Runnable to whatever you want to call your new bot
  3. change to the new folder for the bot
  4. add a file called external-scripts.json that contains this ["hubot-logger"]
  5. edit package.json to have hubot-logger as a dependency
npm install
  1. edit the hubot-scripts.json to suit whatever scripts you want

    (note: was broken at time of this writing, you may want to delete it from this file)

  2. edit the environmental variables in to what you want

    add IRCLOGS_FOLDER with path to where you want to store your logs

    add line that specifies IRCLOGS_PORT if you want something other than 8086


You can then access your logs in a web browser at localhost:8086/irclogs (change port if you specified something different).

Enjoy Hubot Logging your IRC channels!