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Idea: event aggregation or projection engine #5

lanwin opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Whats currently missing is a way of aggregating events and projecting them in a simple manner.

Look at the following pseudo code:

var ag = eventstore.createAggregator("uniqueaggregatorname");

    // do event projection here 

    // needs to be called to ensure event was processed.


What this dose is to call each event only once per unique aggregator name even if the app is restarted. The current cursor should be automatically saved in the underlying event store storage.

If you think future, this can be extended to a full projection engine like this pseudo code:

var pr = eventstore.createProjection("uniqueprojectionname");

pr.state = {name:"-"};

    if("namechanged"){ =;



The difference is that here we store not only the current cursor, but rather the last projected state too.

Currently this is only an idea to inspire a discussion.


Not to sure what you want to achieve. But generally working on aggregates (commandHandler in domain) or on readmodels (eventdenormalizers) is not concern of the eventstore.

commandHandler: (line 118)



Ok forget about the projection thing, that was to far away. The reason for my the aggregator is the following.

It seems the current event dispatcher has some drawbacks.

  1. There is currently now way of replaying all events from begin to recreate the read model.

  2. The publisher.publish will loose events.

publish = function(event){, function(err){
     //When we are here, the event is already set as dispatched. 
     //If the process crashes or the database returns an error, the
     //event get lost.
  1. What if we want more then one publisher and two are succeed and one fails

This is where an Aggregator can help. It replays all events from begin to end. Then it saves the last event id (as a cursor) to the based on the name (so it can give more then one cursor). On the next run, which can be on interval or triggered by the current publisher, it starts at the last event id and runs to the new end....


@adrai what do you think?

do we need some callback in the publisher.publish(event, cb) ?

would be safer to set dispatched if publisher really done it.


@jamuhl I think it should stay in the messaging way... like an eventemitter... emit() without callback, otherway this would mean that the evented cqrs-domain module have to change the emitting event too...
Let's discuss this personally...


@adrai let's discuss this with the other issue on monday in office.

@jamuhl jamuhl closed this
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