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+ADR Tools
+(c) 2011 - Andrew D. Regner <>
+ This is mostly intended as a collection of scripts, configurations,
+ utilities, libraries, etc. that I have developed or gathered over time.
+ There is not necessarly any unifying purpose or connection between any two
+ of them other then they make my life easier. Some things contained herein
+ are however dependent or related to other things. To know what's what,
+ you will just have to either ask me or figure it out yourself.
+ The "adrtools" framework around it is something I developed to make
+ distributing and updating all of this easier, no matter what UNIX-like
+ system I am on. The intention is that I can log into a system for the
+ first time, pull down this repository, and run to make that system
+ a home. That's all there (should be) to it. Updates are from then on
+ applied automatically as the repo itself is updated. In the near-future,
+ there will be the ability to specify what "types" of things should be
+ brought down and installed into the target system. For example,
+ configurations and utilities related to playing media files should not be
+ installed in a server-type environment. Or, if I am just a guest on
+ someone else's system, only the things relating to my personal environment
+ should be installed, and not root-level changes, as I wouldn't have root on
+ that system. The framework already has the ability to update private data
+ (not contained in the public repository) for the purpose of syncing GPG and
+ SSH keys installed in my home directory.
+ I make this all public simply for the purpose of maybe possiably someday
+ helping someone that is interested in one or more of the little tools or
+ configurations I use. It is first and foremost, for my personal use.
+ Unless otherwise noted, everything in here is made avaliable under the
+ terms of the GNU GPL v2 (

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