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#Rpg-motor (this is a temporal name) ##What's this? This project is in hard developement, it is more an idea than a game. This is a PHP/HTML/JS game engine, based on the possibilities of creating rpgs. This project will give you the ability to create your own rpg parties, with your friends, to play with them or to be the GM, create your map, use custome tiles graphisms, use custom scripts and highly personalizable settings. But, as I said, it is in WIP. ###This is why I need help

##Wanna help me?

###I accept any kind of help :

  • Tiles for any existing tileSets

  • Entire new tileSets (woaw)

  • Organisation help

  • JS developpement help

  • PHP developpement help (cause it's been a while I didn't made PHP)

  • HTML developpement help (I don't really need help with this, but if you wanna I take your help

  • Testing

  • Optimizing

  • Level-creation


###For the helpers :

To-do list

A good part of the basic-16 tileset

A better map editor with building tools, settings reader and editor

A party creator

The texture path should be moved from /ressources/images/theme/{theme}/... to /ressources/theme/{theme}/[images]/ when adding texturepack handling

List of the tiles ids

(Italic are done)

  • 0 : nothing
  • 1 : grass
  • 1.1-4: grass overlay
  • 2 : dirt
  • 3 : path
  • 4 : stone (overlay)
  • 5.0 : tree first log
  • 5.1 : tree log
  • 5.2 : tree log + leaves
  • 5.3 : leaves
  • 5.3.1-16 : leaves connecting
  • 6 : flowers
  • 7 : river
  • 8 : sea
  • 9 : cliff

More need to be found by idea finders

For the basic-16 tileset and every other basic tilesets, a tile (square) is 50cm*50cm in real life proportions

###If you wanna help, do some PR, send me tiles or contact me on Gitter

Any help is welcome!

##How does it looks like now?

You can find a preview here :

##That wasn't enough informations?

If you find this is not enough, then check the wiki!