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FreeBSD (new) Committers Tools
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FreeBSD (new) Committer's Tools

This repo contains notes from my new-committer period, as well as links to useful FreeBSD resources (mostly for new committers) and some tools of mixed parentage.



  • sparse-checkout

    This script checks out a (writable) ports-tree suitable for working on individual ports. The ports tree is checked out in sparse mode, which means that you only get the bits needed to modify and build the ports you ask for. Can also be used to create a ports tree from a Phab review. Joint work with tcberner@

    Typical use is to create a writable checkout (that is, one over ssh which you can commit from) with a particular name, for one or more ports that need to be modified: -w -n ports-tree-name -p category/portname

  • bump_revision

    This script bumps the PORTREVISION value in each named port, by editing the Makefile. If no PORTREVISION exists, adds one with value 1.

  • Ports graphs perl python

    Both scripts use dot (graphics/graphviz) to produce a graph of the dependencies for a given port. Both use the output from pkg to obtain the dependency tree.


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