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WARNING: I haven't finished ripping all of the code off of my website yet.

#Lighter Than Air CMS The blog content management system for elitist developers. It's dynamic because you don't get enough traffic to warrant static webpages. It's flat-file because I don't know how to work with databases and you probably don't enjoy it much. It has a php interface because you don't want to learn how to use it like with other elitist content management systems.

##Key Features:

  • Minimum overhead
  • Blog post metadata
  • Blog posting interface
  • No databases (file operated)

##Things I need to do:

  • Secure the login & reimplement posting
  • Add category groups
  • Refactor everything
  • Refactor everything again
  • Blog post editing/removal interface
  • Re-implement Atom feed generation

##CMS Architecture Root content posts 0000-test-post.md 0001-default-title.md 0002-second-post.md images test.png blog-meta.json atom.xml css example.css js jquery-1.11.2.min.js pagedown.js lta-cms interface login.php newpost.php lta-back.php lta-login-form parsedown.php index.php .htaccess

##Blog post metadata format { "TITLE": "Default", "DATE": 0, "UPDATED": 0, "ID": "tag:whitecollargames.com,1970-01-01:0:1", "CATEGORIES":[] }