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How to Install

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This tool will be installed using Unity's Package Manager (UPM).

What is a package and what are unity packages?

A package is a container that holds any combination of Assets, Shaders, Textures, plug-ins, icons, and scripts that enhance various parts of your Project, including Unity modules (such as Physics or Animation). Unity packages are newer, more tightly integrated versions of Asset Store packages, able to deliver a wide range of enhancements to Unity.

How to Install

Method A:

1. Clone this repository.

2. Launch/Focus your own project in Unity.

3. Navigate to the package manager window. You can do this using the dropdowns within Unity: Window > Package Manager

4. Press the plus button at the top left and click Add package from disk.... Here you will find the repository you just cloned and open the package.json file in the root directory.

5. Enjoy using Textensions!

Method B:

1. Navigate to your project and find the manifest.json file. (E.g. MyUnityGame/Packages/manifest.json)

2. Within this file add this under the dependencies:

  • "com.adrianmiasik.textensions": "",

It should now look something like this:

  "dependencies": {
    "com.adrianmiasik.textensions": "",
    "": "2.0.8",
    "": "3.3.2",
    "com.unity.collab-proxy": "1.2.16",
    "com.unity.package-manager-ui": "2.1.2",

3. Launch/Focus your project in Unity. Unity should detect changes in your manifest.json file and start downloading Textensions from this repository.

4. Enjoy using Textensions!

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