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Lesson on using an API to download and analyze data
Jupyter Notebook
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Downloading API data with Python

This is a lesson on how to request data from an API using Python. This lesson uses interactive Jupyter notebooks, and it is set up with Binder so you can use it on your own browser without the need to install any software in your local machine.

Getting started

  1. This lesson uses the Yelp API as a case study. Please follow the instructions in the Yelp Fusion Authentication page to create an API Key --you'll need it for step 4.

  2. To start, click this badge below. While it's loading (it could take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes), come back to this tabl to continue reading


  1. Once the Binder session is fully loaded, you will see a list with a few files. Start opening the file called 01-warmup.ipynb and follow the instructions within.

  2. After completing the warmup exercise, open the file 02-api-demo.ipynb to continue the exercise. Before beginning this step, make sure you have your Yelp API Key at hand.

  3. Once you're finished, if you want to explore on your own, you can use the file called 03-self-exploration.ipynb.

Developer area


  • pandas
  • requests
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