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🍬 Get the candies out of your phpunit tests results
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Get the candies from your PHPUnit's tests results

(!) Warning: this project is under heavy development. Expect breaking changes with every new 0.x release.

Check the roadmap for upcoming features. Issues/pull requests are welcome.


$ composer require devlib/candybar --dev && vendor/bin/candybar init

Running the bar

After installing (init), a folder called candybar will show up in your project's root directory.
There you'll find the config.php, styles and themes folders. The bar section of the config file is used to add/remove commands supported by candybar and the styles folder is used to lookup styles when running the coverage:style command.

To get a list of all available commands run:

$ vendor/bin/candybar list

To get help for a specific command:

$ vendor/bin/candybar help [command]

Available candies (commands)

  • build:badge:date generates build date badge with the current date/time
  • coverage:style applies a style to the html coverage presentation
  • coverage:badge generates badge from clover xml coverage stats
  • license:badge generates license badge, use arguments to set license and color
  • readme:add-badges adds badges to the readme file using placeholders


  • vendor/bin/candybar coverage:style default
  • vendor/bin/candybar coverage:badge badges/coverage.svg --style=plastic
  • vendor/bin/candybar license:badge badges/license.svg --style=plastic
  • vendor/bin/candybar readme:add-badges badges --backup

Making your own commands

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