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#Monster Hunter Bot This bot is designed to extract info from kiranico and print into a telegram chat.

#Scraping Scraping is the art of reading some web content and parse it to extract information.

Kiranico stores the data in a json variable, so I parsed it and I just navigated throught it in order to extract the needed data.

#Telegram Bot A telegram bot is a powerful option. This bot was initially done on Python, but Javascript is cooler.

If you want to use it add it to a group on @MonsterHBot

#Usage Type /debilidades monstername It will print the weakness of that monster If you want to look for rewards type /recompensa monstername It will send you the rewards of the monster

Now you can filter information passing the rank to if, for example: /recompensa kirin g And it will only show you the reward that kirin in g rank gives.

If no given name or bad name it will show error. If kiranico goes down the bot will announce it.

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