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A voxel landscape renderer with textures using Perlin noise, for the dgi14 course at KTH.
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dgi14 Voxel Renderer

This is a voxel renderer for the dgi14 course at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), created by Adrian Blanco and Hampus Liljekvist. It renders voxels with textures, as the title suggests. A natural looking landscape is generated using Perlin noise, in a style similar to a popular mining and crafting simulator. This landscape can then be altered by the observer in various ways.

In order to be able to compile the program you need to have the libraries GLUT and GLEW installed on your computer.

This software is based on the Glescraft tutorial.


The camera is controlled with W, A, S, D and the arrow keys. Use the mouse to look around. Press Space to rise and hold Alt to increase the movement speed. Remove a block by right-clicking on it, and create a new block with left-click. Exit by pressing Escape.


Voxel renderer image


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