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Swipup Utility


Swipeup Utility is free, but if you find it useful and want to help its development, I'd love your support. A good rating or a small donation goes a long way, and if you donate, you'll gain access to some special goodies like new Actions! Thank you.

To get updates and participate in the beta program, please join the Google + community and join the beta on Google Play. Once in the beta, you'll be among the first to recieve bugfixes and new features, but you might experience a few quirks or crashes.


First Setup

If you're on 6.0 or above:

  • Ensure that the default assist app is set to Swipeup Utility. You can get there from Swipeup Utility's Set Default Assist App menu item.

If you're on 5.1.1 or below:

  • After downloading, hold the home button, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, or do whatever your device requires to activate the assist function.
  • A box asking what to do with the gesture will come up. Choose to always use Swipup Utility. You can change this later by tapping the Clear defaults button in the app's menu.


  • If you only want the swipe to do nothing, you're done! If not, you can go into Swipup Utility and choose an action under the Choose action button.


The app isn't working for me. It's crashing or there's some weird bug.

First check issues and see if the bug has already been reported. If not, create a new issue with:

  • App version
  • Android Version
  • Device make/model
  • And of course, what's going wrong

It's also helpful if you report the crash using android's crash report system. Go ahead and write the issue number in the "User messages" section.

Can you add the menu button as a special action?

I've gotten plenty of emails asking for this feature, and I'd love to add it, but android won't let me. I'm able to invoke the menu button on myself(the app's self), but that won't do any good. Without root, it is impossible (I think, please please correct me if I'm wrong) to send a menu button press.

Can you add ___ as a special action?

Hm, maybe. I may have already thought of it, and found it impractical to add, but I most likely haven't so create a new issue with the label "Action request" and I'll try my best to add it. :)

Can you write the app in my language?

If you'd like to help translate this app to your language, download the strings xml file and I'll be glad to add the translation to the app. I'm trying out as a service to help crowd-translate. If you'd like to contribute, go to and translate some strings into your language and I'll be sure to include it in the app. Thanks.

Can I change the icon in the semicircle? Sometimes it's a Google logo, other times it's a magnifying glass, and with the app, it's not there at all.

"You cannot change the manifest or the resource in a signed-and-sealed APK, except through a software upgrade." That pretty much answers it. In order to change the icon, I need to release an update with that new icon included. The donate version includes a few set in stone icons to choose from, and if you want more, create an issue with the Icon Request label and I'll do my best to add it. :)

My question isn't listed here :o

Feel free to post an issue with your question and I'll be happy to help.


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