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Movie plots

Literal movie plotting. See the post here.


Clone the repo and do an npm install. Requires node-canvas to generate graphs which depends on cairo.

Generating Data

To generate frame data for a film, see the too in bin/analyze. Requires Node v0.11.13 for promises.

Generate Graphs

To generate run node graphers/nodex/index.js. Requires Node v0.11.7. This takes all the films in data, all the graphers in graphers and generates a graph for each film with each graph and saves them in graphs. Check out the graphers in graphers to create your own. Pretty straight forward with the canvas API.

Adding Movies

The more the better. Submit a pull request and we'll add it to the data.

The code

The code is bad. I made terrible decisions multiple times in my 4:00am slumbers. At those times, these decisions seem good but when you come back the next day you think why would you. It's full of weird dependancy chains with different versions of things required. I'm sorry if you try to incorporate this thing into something else, I never mean't to cause such hurt (or release it for that matter).