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Wish you could remember that delicious beer you had in the not-so-distant past? Beer Me! allows you to keep them all in a neat little list. Keep tasting notes with the comments feature (coming soon!). Which beer was the best? Rate the beers on your list (coming soon!). Want to search and discover new beers to add to your To Drink list? Beer Me!

Beer Me! is powered by Javascript, jQuery, Node, Express, Bootstrap, and BreweryDB. I created Beer Me! as project 2 for General Assembly's WDI course, but also for personal enjoyment. I wanted to be able to keep easily accessible notes on an extensive list of beers I've tried at tasting festivals. My brother-in-law is known to rate beers with emoji faces in a note on his phone. Beer Me! will allow him to have a cohesive list of beers and ratings to reference conveniently.

Now that you've read some user stories, check out the wireframes in the aptly named folder, then get to searching for some tasty beers at Enjoy!


BeerMe! is an app that lets you search and add beers to your favorites list. Created as project 2 for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive



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