DirtyDishes gives Seattle-area restaurants a letter grade based on Food Establishment Inspection violation points. Created using a MEAN stack as my final project for General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program.
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Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes gives you a quick, simple picture of a King County restaurant's food inspection score and what others thought of the restaurant so you can make a more informed decision on where you're about to eat. Based on the inspection score, I assigned each restaurant a letter grade: 0-20 points = A, 21-45 points = B, 46-60 = C, and 60+ = F. Keep in mind that inspection reports are snapshots of the food handling at the establishment at the time of inspection – conditions may be different when you visit. Check out the Washington State Department of Health for more information.

I built this app using a MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node), bootstrap, and the Food Establishment Inspection Data API. I wanted to create this app because I would like to see a letter grading system for restaurants established in Seattle.

If you'd like to fork this repo and install the app, you'll need an app token from data.kingcounty.gov. Just run 'npm install' to install the dependencies, create your .env with your app token, and you're good to go!

Launch it online at dirty-dishes.herokuapp.com