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Knowledge sharing about terraform
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Terraform Knowledge Sharing

  1. What is terraform? Benefits of using it?

    • Tool with DSL
    • Multi-cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, ...)
    • Infrastructure as code
      • Deploy from local
      • Deploy from pipelines
    • Keep the state of the infra locally (tfstate)
    • Incremental changes
    • terraform plan
    • terraform apply
    • terraform destroy
  2. Simple use (01-basics)

    • Create a dynamoDB table and a S3 bucket
  3. For each (02-for-each)

    • Create multiple dynamoDB tables and a S3 bucket
  4. Linking resources

    • Create resources that interacts between them (S3 -> Lambda)
  5. Templates

    • Example of reuse code with templates. Create two docker tasks exactly equals but passing different env vars


  • Generate a file with random content:
dd if=/dev/urandom of=scripts/example-file count=1024 bs=1000
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