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Scikit-Learn Wrapper for Keras

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Scikit-Learn compatible wrappers for Keras Models.

Why SciKeras

SciKeras is derived from and API compatible with the now deprecated / removed tf.keras.wrappers.scikit_learn.

An overview of the differences as compared to the TF wrappers can be found in our migration guide.


This package is available on PyPi:

# Tensorflow
pip install scikeras[tensorflow]

Note that pip install scikeras[tensorflow] is basically equivalent to pip install scikeras tensorflow and is offered just for convenience. You can also install just SciKeras with pip install scikeras, but you will need a version of tensorflow installed at runtime or SciKeras will throw an error when you try to import it.

The current version of SciKeras depends on scikit-learn>=1.4.1post1 and Keras>=3.2.0.

Migrating from keras.wrappers.scikit_learn

Please see the migration section of our documentation.


Documentation is available at