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0.29 - or the "Oslo QA 2008" release
- Fixed some broken edge cases where you didn't get a plan when you had
tests in a shutdown method, and no tests in the rest of your class
- Test::Class::Load can now be subclassed so you can add your own filters
for what is considered a test class (patch from Cosimo Streppone)
- Described minimum perl as '5.006001' rather than '5.6.1' so old perls
understand what we're talking about.
- Fixed typo in docs (thanks Tony Edwardson)
0.28 - or the "just for the debian folk" release
- Downgraded some dependencies to avoid some bogus warnings on Debian
(thanks Gunnar Wolf & Hynek)
0.27 - or the "Adrian cannot write in English" release
- Fixed a couple of typos/grammar stupidities (thank Jim Brandt)
0.26 - or the "really working on windows this time (fingers crossed)" release
- Tests that look at test_err from Test::Builder::Tester now use caller()
to get the filename - just like Test::Builder. So hopefully everything
should work on all platforms this time.
- Updated the Test::* version dependencies to something vaguely modern
- Fixed runtests_die.t, which still had platform-specific paths in
0.25 - or the "idiotic platform specific tests fixed" release
- Fixed RT#31122 that was failing tests on Strawberry Perl
(thanks to Chris Dolan)
0.24 - or the "hating perl's broken object model" release
- Stopped throwing warnings when Contextual::Return was loaded due to the
AUTOLOADING of isa() (thank's to agianni)
- If you are filtering with TEST_METHOD your startup/shutdown methods
still get executed (thanks Chris Dolan)
0.23 - or the "damn David and his smoke testing" release
- Added explicit dependency on Test::Simple for those odd folk who have
old Test::Simple releases running with a recent Test::Builder::Tester
(thanks David Cantrell)
0.22 - or the "++ becomes a legal regex" release
- Factored out some common code
- Added test for Test::Class::Load not loading modules
- Tidied up all the T::C::L test libraries into t/test-libs
- Added patch from Nicholas Clark to make T::C work with blead
0.21 - or the "we're all growed up" release
- expected_tests() gives a sensible info when given undef as an argument
- fixed bug when we repeatedly wrapped Test::Builder::ok with extra
Test::Class functionality every time we run a test method
- Test::Class::Load only adds directories to @INC once
0.20 - or the "you failed where?" release
- Added an extra diagnostic line on test failures that list the method
that failed and the class being tested. Makes locating test failures in
test class hierarchies much simpler.
- Added some tests for plan math for startup/shutdown methods (phew they
0.19 - or the "last RT bug crushed" release
- You now get a sensible error message if you load Test::Class after the
CHECK phase where the :Test attribute gets applied.
- Added "A NOTE ON LOADING TEST CLASSES" section that describes the issue
of the :Test attribute being applied at CHECK time
0.18 - or the "damn multiple inheritence" release
- You now get a sensible error message if Test::Class's new() gets
overridden badly via a subclass or multiple inheritance
0.17 - or the "wot I did on the train" release
- Removed pointless uses of UNIVERSAL::isa
- We rename "test name" to "test description" to confirm with current TAP
- Added some pointers to third party documentation
- Added references to Test::Object, Test::Group and Test::Block
- Actually added spelling.t to the distro (sigh)
0.16 - or the "sepling mist ook!" release
- Added (optional) spelling tests for the POD in t/developer
- Fixed a whole bunch of spelling mistakes
- Added some references to Test::Class::Load in the main Test::Class POD
- Added more modules that use Test::Class to SEE ALSO
0.15 - or the "down. down. deeper and down" release
- Now works with Test::Deep, which annoyingly defines its own isa()
subroutine. This no longer confuses Test::Class into thinking Test::Deep
isa Test::Class.
- Added some more modules that use Test::Class to SEE ALSO
0.14 - or the "for the Windows folk" release
- Test::Class::Load now works on Windows (thanks Kenichi Ishigaki for the
- Tests should now pass on Windows (thanks Kenichi Ishigaki again!)
0.13 - or the "just to make Ovid & David happy" release
- Added Test::Class::Load (thanks Ovid) to allow you to easily load
test classes
- Added ability to run a specific test or set of tests based upon a
regular expression specified in the TEST_METHOD environment variable
(thanks to Ovid again). This mechanism is likely to change in the future
but it's useful enough to go in now.
- Fixed some broken code in the POD (thanks Jeff Deifik)
- Removed Cwd from prerequisites - it's core
0.12 - or the "to avoid public mocking" release
- Fixed the installation errors that everybody has been rightly
complaining about for the last year:
- Prerequisities in requires, not build_requires
- Tests no longer rely on hard coded test output (thanks Mart’n
Ferrari and Nicholas Clark for patches)
- Require appropriate version of Test::Exception
- Added link to perl+testing links in POD
- Fixed some bad markup in the POD
- Stuck distribution related tests under t/developer
- Added Perl::Critic tests under t/developer
- Added some documentation for Test::Class::MethodInfo since I was bored
with people asking what it was for (it's internal - don't use it)
- Added a whole bunch of people to the acknowledgements section
- A belated thank you added to some folk who send in RT bugs and whose
name I missed off the acknowledgements section
- Tweaked link to XUL::Node in SEE ALSO
- Changed RT link so it went directly to Test::Class page
- An exception in a startup method now causes the rest of the tests in
the current test object to be ignored, and no longer gives a bogus
warning (reported by Emil Jansson - ta!)
- Added COMMUNITY section to POD
- Really fixed the _test_classes bug (doh!)
- Added :Tests attribute that acts like :Test but defaults to 'no_plan'
if no test number is given.
- Fixed bug with _test_classes spotted by Corion's cpan smoker
(see t/test_classes.t)
- Added links to tada to do list to TO DO section of POD
- Added links modules that use Test::Class to SEE ALSO section of POD
(thanks to Terrence Brannon for suggesting this)
- The undocumented behaviour of C<runtests> has been tweaked and
documented. You can now run all loaded test classes by doing
- Removed undocumented autorun method, and replaced with SKIP_CLASS. This
allows you to prevent test classes being run by runtests.
- Removed undocumented class method run_all_tests.
(thanks to David Wheeler & Ovid for helping define the above behaviour)
- Removed Test::Class::Tutorial & Test::Class::BaseTest since
they shouldn't have escaped into the wild quite yet. Oops.
- Some cosmetic POD updates
- Made tests pass with Test::Simple 0.48
- New signature since old one about to be revoked
- Added Module::Build support
- Fixed bogus test failures under MSWin32
- Cleaned up internals
- Having a single method be simultaniously a setup and teardown
method no longer supported
- The undocumented add_method method, that you should not have
been using anyway, disappears
- Fixed bogus heading styles in POD
- Test names that default to $self->current_method now replace all
"_" characters with spaces to increase readability
- Documented default test name behaviour
- D'oh! Fixed MANIFEST so the distribution actually included the
new tests for 0.06_3 and 0.06_2
- more POD tweaks
- all tests now compile with warnings enabled
- test name now defaults to $self->current_method
- now uses inside out objects so restriction on using -test and
_test as hash keys has been removed
- tweaked POD of Test::Class
- you can now have spaces around test numbers, etc. (bug report
and patch from David Wheeler)
- removed examples directory from distribution, needs rewrite
- removed .svn directories from distribution (doh!)
- removed Test::Class::Tutorial from distribution - needs rewrite
- removed Test::Class::BaseTest - needs rethink
- cleaned up Test::Class POD a bit
- documented.t now uses Test::Pod::Coverage if available
- pod.t now uses Test::Pod if available
- private methods now called as functions to avoid problems
with subclasses accidentally overriding
0.05 (not distributed on CPAN)
- now skips rest of tests in a test method after first failure
due to an exception.
0.04 (not distributed on CPAN)
- refactored mercylessly
- Added Test::Class::MethodInfo
- Added first draft of Test::Class::Tutorial. Feedback welcome.
- rearranged Test::Class POD (hopefully making it clearer!)
- dropped total_num_tests, teardown_methods, setup_methods and
test_methods from public interface - they were implementation
details that shouldn't have been public in first place. If you
disagree let me know (with a rationale) and I'll probably add
them back :-)
- fixed bug where runtests() could blow up if supplied with a
- fixed bug where runtests returned whether all tests had passed,
rather than whether all test run on test object passed
- bug with runtests showing duplicate header lines fixed (thanks
to Michael for adding has_plan() to Test::Builder)
- FAIL_ALL now exits with the # tests failed (or 254 if
more than 254 tests failed) to match behaviour of Test::Simple
et al.
- An extra exception thrown after all the tests in a method have
run now causes a failed test (to better match the behaviour of a
die at the end of a normal test script).
- Changed diagnostic messages when exceptions occur to show
method exception occurred in. Makes tracking failure easier.
- Added Test::Class::BaseTest - base class for creating a fixture
and testing it's of the correct class.
- Diagnostic messages improved
- Plan correctly shown when setup/teardown method without any
tests throws an exception
- TEST_VERBOSE now outputs a newline before the method name which
makes reading verbose output easier.
- Added startup and shutdown methods after suggestion from
Tony Bowden.
- Added run_all_classes and autorun - inspired by comments from
Tony Bowden on running multiple Test::Classes easily
- Changed runtests so that it will run all of a classes
autorunnable sub-classes if called as a class method with no
0.03 Thu Jun 20
- fixed README
- fixed tests that broke now Test::Builder (quite rightly) can
no longer display multiple plans in v0.15
- tidied up the code a little.
0.02 Sat Jun 15
- released to
0.01 Fri May 10 22:36:52 2002
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
-AX -n Test::Class
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