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@@ -1114,6 +1114,20 @@ METHODS
"setup", "test", "teardown" or "shutdown", and $num_tests has the
same meaning as "N" in the description of the Test attribute.
+ add_filter
+ CLASS->add_filter($filter_coderef);
+ Adds a filtering coderef. Each filter is passed a test class and
+ method name and returns a boolean. All filters are applied globally
+ in the order they were added. If any filter returns false the test
+ method is not run or included in the number of tests.
+ Note that filters will only be run for normal test methods, they are
+ ignored for startup, shutdown, setup, and teardown test methods.
+ See the section on the "GENERAL FILTERING OF TESTS" for more
+ information.
This section is for people who have used JUnit (or similar) and are
confused because they don't see the TestCase/Suite/Runner class

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