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commit 7714bc2c116ec9e5430abb4cdedcf9d6d6ad7eff 1 parent 60c011e
@adrianh authored
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@@ -4,9 +4,13 @@ Changes for Perl extension Test-Class
- Fixed RT#64470: minor documentation error in Test::Class::Load (thanks
to Andrew Grangaard for patch)
- Fixed RT#39266: Test::Class with Package::Alias
+ - Fixed RT#56636: feature request: option to turn off auto-skipping
+ uncompleted tests (thanks to Ken Fox for suggestion) with addition
+ of fail_if_returned_early() (thanks to Dave Evans for patch)
- startup and shutdown methods are no longer run if a class will not
run any test methods
- - Added some more folk to acknowledgements
+ - Updated acknowledgements
+ - Added missing filter tests to MANIFEST& distribution
0.36 - or the "Adrian should have released this earlier" release [2010-08-19]
(Thanks to Mark Morgan for doing all the useful work on this one!)
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