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LunarCalendarPy @ 496b85f


An application indicator for Unity that displays the current date and time in lunar calendar.

Copyright (c) 2016-2019 Adrian I Lam s/spam/me/

Not to be confused with indicator-lunar, which shows attributes and ephemerides for astronomical objects.


indicator normal
Normal appearance of the indicator

indicator menu
Menu of the indicator, shown on click

indicator with solar term
Indicator showing solar term information

Note: The conversion is calculated using timezone UTC+8 (HKT), while the clock shown above is using timezone UTC+1.


  • Python 3

  • LunarCalendarPy (included as submodule here)

    Translated from the JavaScript LunarCalendar library by GitHub user @zzyss86.

  • schedule

    Used for periodic update of the indicator.

  • dbus-python

    Detects suspends/hibernates which would cause incorrect timings used by schedule.

This indicator used to be written in JavaScript (node.js) using the node-gtk package, but it was eventually abandoned, got replaced, the replacement was abandoned, etc. The situation was a bit too messy for me so I decided to just rewrite the whole thing in Python, which would also make installation easier for most standard Ubuntus, and would use less RAM.


  1. Install schedule and dbus-python (pip install schedule dbus-python).
  2. Clone this repository (git clone --recurse-submodules git://
  3. Add the script as a startup application.
  4. Run the script manually for the first time. (Alternatively, log out and log in again.)
  5. The indicator should be shown at the top right corner, having an icon that shows the year and a label that shows the month and date.
  6. Clicking on the indicator should result in a menu with more detailed information including the time.


This program is released under the MIT License. For the full text of this license, please refer to the file "".


Unity application indicator to display current date/time in lunar calendar



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